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  1. MichaelB

    MichaelB Member

    Apr 3, 2017
    Yeah maybe me and 1 million other people.. Mister smart guy:-DDDDD

    WHO LET THE DOGS OUT ????????
  2. PillarofBalance

    PillarofBalance Strength Pimp Staff Member

    Feb 27, 2011
    How the fuck would I know who let your dog's out?

    God, you are the worst shill I have seen spam this place for some nowhere source. Doesn't your employer train you in how to spam properly?
  3. Ramrod

    Ramrod VIP Member

    Jun 5, 2012
    I'm letting my dogs out to piss.
  4. Gms585

    Gms585 VIP Member

    Mar 17, 2017

    Let me be a nice guy here....
    I going to pretend for one second that you are not a rep for this shitty fake product web site.
    No one is saying do SARMs over juice. No one is saying you can get to a pro level physic with creatine and beta alanine.
    I am making fun of your "cycle" because Test E and C are essentially the same. Their esters are so close that running them concurrently is completely illogical; Unless it is being done because you are running a blend. Secondly Danabol is not the common name for what I assume you are referencing (Dianabol) Most commonly it is the name used for knock off juice supplements. Running a Test / Tren / Dbol cycle is so far from a beginner cycle its not even funny.
    Also since you were so astute to point out steroid are in fact illegal. Actually not in most of the world but certainly here in the USA. Since they are illegal how can you or anyone with a semi functioning brain think buying them from an open website that claims to be USA based be a good idea?

    Anyway you're obviously paid rep of this site or work for them or own it or something like that.
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  5. MichaelB

    MichaelB Member

    Apr 3, 2017
    Seriously you are an idiot. I'm not paid by anyone I just needed questions for my cycle that's all.
    You may not have anything to do than talking shit in peoples threads?
    I hate types like you. Always negative no matter what you are posting.
    I'm also on Think steroids and have been a member there for years. PM your details punk.

    And regarding I got my package and everything was sent smoothly, that's why i wanted to share it.
    I can also show you the gear on Skype if you are interested,

  6. MichaelB

    MichaelB Member

    Apr 3, 2017
    Thumps up, mister dog whisper
  7. Gms585

    Gms585 VIP Member

    Mar 17, 2017
    So tell us what your cycle you need help with looks like then.
  8. inhuman88

    inhuman88 VIP Member

    Aug 11, 2014

    Did you ever get your dogs back in?
  9. IronSoul

    IronSoul TID Board Of Directors

    Apr 2, 2013
    Lmao this is comedy

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  10. MichaelB

    MichaelB Member

    Apr 3, 2017
    Okay bro. I want to begin something special this time.

    Anyone who has experience with Blends? Or is better just to ran the substances without blends.

    I'm thinking about 750 mg Test E, and 1000 mg Equipoise

    I have to run some peptides next to it as well. Does anyone still run HGH for a long period? Or is that old school.

    I'm thinking about a 6-7 months HGH cycle, with minimum 2 anabolic cycles in the same period.

    I will start with Test E, EQ and some winny at the end of the cycle. Minimum 14 weeks, then I go off the roids(Continuing with HGH of course), and then starting the next cycle after 40-50 days.

    I have tried Hgh before, without Anabolics(Long time ago) and did not get the best results. Does the Anabolic steroid activate anything in the Human growth hormone when you are mixing it with AS or is it just a myth?

    I have been burned before while buying steroids online, so there for I stick to Steroidcart until I find a new source.
    Some of their prices are to high but at least you know that you are getting your shit.

    Do you guys have any sources that are dealing mainly with peptides?
    PM me. Would be appreciated Peace
  11. Gms585

    Gms585 VIP Member

    Mar 17, 2017

    Take it for what its worth but IMO that WAYYY to much gear for someone who hasnt ran allot of cycles.
    I would go like Test E 750 per week / EQ like 600-800 tops
    If you can afford it 4-5iu GH per day
    This is honestly a pretty big cycle. My first several cycles were test only and my dose 1st time was only 500mg per week. I only recently started religiously running GH. GH is a tool of the experienced and seasoned bodybuilder. It is too subtle and expensive for a beginner. You dont really need it. However depending on your age you may "feel" really really good on it.

    peptides are great IPA, GHRP's ect are all great. I personally am a big fan of MK677 as it works just like gh and no pinning, plus great sleep.

    Also the rule of thumb is supposed to be time on = time off if you cycle. I cycle. I do not blast and cruse because i have not yet had kids. After kids I'll never come off probably. I will do time on = time off + an extra month or two just to be safe. thats just my preference. lots of guys dont abide by that rule, but then again allot of guys are shooting blanks and taking viagra too so...
  12. matthewk04

    matthewk04 VIP Member

    Jul 21, 2013
    I have a bunch of cycles on my belt and am naturally a big dude and I've never gone of 600mgs of test a week. Let alone close to a gram and a huge eq dose.

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