Synthol Profile and Use in BodyBuilding


synthol arms

Synthol Profile and Use in BodyBuilding

Synthol Profile and Use in BodyBuilding The popularity of synthol among bodybuilders has been rapidly rising over the recent years. The previously steroid-dominated field is now being  quickly replaced by this

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female testosterone

TESTOSTERONE – What It Is, What It Serves For And Side Effects

Understand the effects of endogenous testosterone (produced naturally by the body) and exogenous testosterone (an artificial form administered as a supplement). Testosterone is the male sex hormone.  In man, its

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Herniated disc

Herniated disc: what it is, what symptoms and how to treat

The problem is marked by pain in regions such as the lumbar and the neck.  Know how to protect yourself from a herniated disc. The spine has intervertebral discs –

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Dangers of DNP

The dangers of DNP

The substance that I am referring to and that I will describe better throughout this article is the DNP, which has been gaining popularity in recent years, especially among bodybuilders

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anavar oxanabol

Oxandrolone, Anavar steroid profile

Oxandrolone (Anavar) was originally marketed in the 60s by Searle in several countries with different names: Anavar (USA), Lonavar (Argentina, Japan and Australia), Lipidex (Brazil) and others, but in 1989

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Big d pharma

Steroids effect, lasts ten years after injection

Steroids are of particular hormones, that when administered it must be for specific purposes related to diseases and under medical supervision. Steroids effect can last up to 10 years after the

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2006 dayana cadeau

Dayana Cadeau IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Profile

The beautiful, resilient and incredibly strong Dayana Cadeau was born in Haiti in 1996. When she was seven years old, she relocated to Quebec in Canada with her mother. She

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GH15 was not Nasser


The GH15 debate rages on Most bodybuilders, amateur or professional, have heard about such GH15, would someone fake which appeared in some gringo forum only to have fame or someone

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City in Thailand becomes center of anabolic tourism

Anabolic steroids in Thailand Ease and low price of these products attracts every year thousands of bodybuilders to the tourist enclave of Pattaya A facility to purchase drugs that improve

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russian steroids

Russian gang suspected of smuggling banned steroids

Russian Steroids Confiscated A large batch of prohibited free sale of drugs in the Russian Federal Drug Control Service officers detained in the Rostov region. The smugglers tried to bring

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You lose after stopping creatine, protein or muscle gainer?

The Myth about losing muscle You constantly hear from different people in the gyms and on the Internet statement, which shows a fundamental ignorance: “If you stop taking creatine /

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Anabolics consumption growing in South America and points to the black market

Black Market Anabolic growing Buenos Aires BUENOS AIRES : These medications are used to improve physical performance, but many of them are forbidden by the health authority.  They believe that its

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The dangers of anabolic steroids

Large muscles are still considered a symbol of strength and attractiveness. But since not every athlete and amateur athletes has the patience and discipline to achieve sustained muscle building through

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Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia – AIHA

AIHA – Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia The autoimmune hemolytic anemia is a condition in which there is a reduced number of blood cells because of their premature destruction by the immune

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Androgens cardiovascular system

Androgens and the cardiovascular system

Androgens Effect on the cardiovascular system Sex hormones have an effect on the cardiovascular morbidity and mortality – which is considered largely accepted. While androgens (male sex hormones) are a risk

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