City in Thailand becomes center of anabolic tourism

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Anabolic steroids in Thailand
Ease and low price of these products attracts every year thousands of bodybuilders to the tourist enclave of Pattaya
A facility to purchase drugs that improve sports performance, such as steroids and anabolic steroids, and the low price of these products attracts every year thousands of bodybuilders to the tourist enclave of Pattaya, Thailand.

With only a few contacts it is relatively simple to get a complete cocktail of pills, ampoules or injectable substances in a pharmacy from the center of Pattaya.

“Although according to the law is necessary prescription to buy these products, pharmacies do not act rigorously and even sometimes you can get the recipe paying a few dollars to the doctor so that he authorize the sale,” he said an Australian who asked to be identified only as Alex.

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Alex, one of several muscular strolling the boardwalk of Pattaya, a city located 150 kilometers from the capital Bangkok, said that he himself consumes these products to improve their performance.

The Australian explained that he and others seeking to accelerate growth and volume of muscles following a two-month program in which training with weights and ingest, every 48 or 72 hours, a combination of drugs to enhance the physical.

“Some pharmacies have until delivery service when they do not have the items in the shop (and have to ask for them),” said Alex.

The price of these drugs in Thailand is “ridiculous” compared with the offer in “black market” in Australia, where the cost can reach multiply ten, according to Alex.

Attracted by this price difference, smart entrepreneurs settled in the Thai coastal town to stock up on low-cost medicines.

“I even sent package with steroids or I ventured to travel to Australia with some pills in the bag. It’s an easy way to recover the investment of the trip or take a little extra money,” he admitted the Australian bodybuilder.

The sports medicine associations warn against the use of these types of treatments because it can cause serious health problems, how to develop types of cancer or even death from cardiac arrest.

Alopecia, infertility, and kidney problems are other conditions which may be derived from the use of such substances.

In August 2011, the popular Australian bodybuilder Aziz Shavershian, who was especially active in social networks, was found dead in a sauna Pattaya was 22 years old.

After the autopsy, doctors found that “Zyzz”, as he liked to be called, died of a heart attack.

Police in Australia arrested the brother of “Zyzz” Said Shavershian, for illegal possession of steroids weeks before Aziz’s death.

“The problem is young people who come to Pattaya willing to embrace the world and abuse of the product without having a complete understanding of what they are taking,” warned Alex, adding that it is about a decade “using” and “never “had adverse reactions.

“You have to keep an eye because sometimes the products are cheap counterfeit steroids or substandard drugs manufactured locally,” warned the Australian.

The vast majority of bodybuilders who visit Pattaya comes from Australia, a country with stricter laws on the purchase and sale of sports medicine and who punishes with up to five years in prison and a fine of $ 110,000 smuggling of steroids and anabolic steroids, among other substances that enhance sporting performance.


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