Steroids effect, lasts ten years after injection

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Steroids are of particular hormones, that when administered it must be for specific purposes related to diseases and under medical supervision. Steroids effect can last up to 10 years after the administration because of a cellular memory mechanism. It asserts a research conducted by the University of Oslo.

steroids long term effects
Steroids long term effects

Recall that this type of therapy is also used to treat some forms of osteoporosis, and the ‘ rheumatoid arthritis . The study, published in the journal of the American Journal of Physiology sector, was conducted on animal models and scientists, whose ultimate goal is to reach a human clinical trial, the effect on humans would be exactly the same: would come into play here too a cellular memory mechanism to prolong the effects of steroids . We start from a premise: the medicine had already established the presence of a muscle memory than these hormones. In this case it becomes more specific because it is demonstrated on animal model as it is not only the reaction of trained bodies and muscular, but more in general of any type of cell.

The coordinator of the study, Dr. Kristian Gundersen, took two groups of guinea pigs: in one, drawn randomly, administered testosterone while the others did not give anything. After a period of three months of rest, the animals were driven to the resumption of ‘physical activity, and the first thing that you should have noticed was an increase in muscle mass of about 30% in just six days compared to 6% of ‘another group. Obviously to evaluate the ‘effect of steroids and cell memory the right proportions were made with respect to life and human physiology. And showed that the effects last for just about a decade.

This discovery has led to a reflection linked to the world of sport and to anti-doping policies currently in use. Data collection numbers should not revise upward disqualification times?

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