Dayana Cadeau IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Profile

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The beautiful, resilient and incredibly strong Dayana Cadeau was born in Haiti in 1996. When she was seven years old, she relocated to Quebec in Canada with her mother. She grew up in Canada where she went to a private Christian school and became fluent in English. Dayana Cadeau was always a fan of bodybuilding and took part in amateur body building contests until 1997 when she won the overall title in Canada Cup and became a professional bodybuilder. Her professional career started in 1997 until she retire in 2011. Here is a brief but detailed overview of her Dayana Cadeau’s incredible career in body building.

Dayana Cadeau amateur bodybuilding career

She started out in her Quebec by participating in the 1992 Quebec Metropolitan and her incredible performance and great talent earned her the first position overall. In 1993 she went to compete in the IFBB Quebec provincial in the Heavy weigh category and once again her performance was exemplary because she was able to clinch the first position in both her category and overall. Her incredible winning streak continued in 1994, when she went on to take part in the CBBF Canadian Championship and had an outstanding performance; she came in third in the heavy weight category.

2006 dayana cadeau
Dayana Cadeau

She soldiered on and in 1995 participated in the IFBB Canada cup where she was placed 4th. In 1996, Dayana Cadeau competed in the 1996 CBBF Canadian championship and attained 2nd position in the heavy weigh category. 1996 was a busy year for the hardworking Dayana Cadeau as she also participated in the IFBB North American competitions and was placed 2nd in the heavy weight category. In 1197 she performed remarkably well and became a professional body builder; she ranked 1st in 1997 IFBB Canada cup both in the heavy weight category and overall. Additionally she also participated in the Jana Tana Classic tournament and came in a distant 11th.

Dayana Cadeau’s bodybuilding career between 1997 and 2004

Her impressive performance in the Canada cup in 1997 was her debut in professional body building. Between 1997 and 2004 she was very active in the body building scene and performed reasonably well in most of the tournaments that she took part in. Here is an overview of her remarkable performance;

In 1998 she took part in the Jana Tana Classic tournament and came in third which was very impressive since this was only her second time and the competition was also very stiff. Additionally, she also participated in the 1988 IFBB Ms Olympia competitions and was ranked 14th. Dayana Cadeau participated in the IFBB Miss International competitions in 1999 and came in 11th and also in the Jana Tana Classic competitions where she came in 9th. Dayana Cadeau took part in the 2000 IFBB Ms International and Jana Tana Classic tournaments where she ranked 7th in heavy weight category and 3rd in the light weight category respectively.

In 2001, she took part in both Ms International and Ms Olympia tournaments in the lightweight category; she ranked 2st and 3rd respectively. Dayana Cadeau continued with her impressive performance in the lightweight category where she took part in the 2002 Ms International competition and came in 2nd, Diana took a dive in the heavy weight category of the Ms Olympia contest in the same year and performed reasonably well by ranking 5th.

Jana Tana Classic Win

In 2003 this remarkably strong woman participated in a total of three IFBB professional contests, the Ms International tournament lightweight category where she came in 4th, the Jana Tana Classic tournament where she was ranked 1st in the middle weight category and the Ms Olympia competition where she came in 1st in the middle weight category.

2004 was a particularly successful year for Dayana Cadeau career wise as she was able to come first in two IFBB tournaments; Ms International lightweight category and the Ms Olympia lightweight category.

Diana Cadeau body building profile between 2005 and 2011

In 2005 Dayana took it slow and participated in only one competition; the Ms Olympia tournament where she performed well by coming in third. The following year this hardworking woman participated in two IFBB competitions and came in 2nd in both Ms International and Ms Olympia. She went on to participate in both Ms Olympia and Ms International in 2007 where she came in 2nd and 6th respectively; she took part in the same tournaments in 2008 and had the same performance by coming second in both tournaments.

In 2009, she once again took part in the IFBB Ms International and Ms Olympia competitions and came in 5th and 8th respectively. Dayana Cadeau soldiered on and took part in the same tournaments in the next year; she came in 6th in the Ms International competitions and 5th in the Ms Olympia competitions. The last years in her long and successful run in body building was in 2011 where she came in 16th in the Ms Olympia contest and 9TH in the Ms International tournament.

Dayana Cadeau is now 5o years old and resides in Wilton Manors, Florida and actively participates in the body fitness industry.

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