IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder Ms Olympia Iris Kyle

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Iris Kyle – The Greatest IFBB Professional Female Bodybuilder Ever

Iris Kyle is an American professional bodybuilding icon, a holder of multiple championship titles, and the current best female bodybuilder in the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness, IFBB rankings. Born on the 22 of August 1974 in Benton Harbour, Michigan, Iris is also affectionately referred to as Chocolate Chip by family and close friends, as well as being known as Game Over, Iron Maiden and Olympia. She is the most successful professional female bodybuilder in the world, having won the Ms. Olympia Bodybuilding championship ten times with two heavyweight wins, and the Ms. International championship seven times, with one heavyweight win.

Iris weighs an average of 160 lb (73kg) in-season and 178 lb (81kg) off-season, and she is 5ft 7 in (1.7 m) tall. Ms. Iris Kyle is of African American descent. She is a Christian, a member of the Baptist Church, and her hobbies include Shopping, biking, roller-blading, taking long walks, traveling and running on the beach. She is currently in a relationship, although she chooses to keep her boyfriend’s identity private. Her favorite quote is ‘Never allow another person’s opinion dictate your FUTURE’. Iris currently co-owns a nutritional supplements store in Las Vegas, named the Bodi Shop, as well as a Gym in Huntington California, called ‘No Mercy’.

Iris Kyle
Iris Kyle

Early Life of Iris Kyle

Iris Kyle grew up in Benton Harbor, Michigan, as the fifth of six children. She attended the Benton Harbor High School, and then went on a basketball scholarship to the Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi. Athletics have always played a major role throughout Ms. Kyle’s life. Her early sports endeavors included running cross-country for cardiovascular fitness, playing basketball (as a point guard) and softball (as a shortstop). She also earned a High School All-American Honors for her Basketball abilities, and received numerous offers to join different colleges thereby. Continuing her education at the Alcorn State University, she majored in Business Administration, while minoring in accounting.

Entry Into Professional Bodybuilding

After graduating and moving to Orange County, California, Iris Kyle noticed the difference in the physical appearances of those around her. Not only were they more physically fit and good looking than what she was used to, they were also healthier and pro-actively worked towards their healthy bodies. Iris then decided to work towards obtaining a similar physique, and therefore enrolled in a local gym. Her determination to transform her body was so strong that she even ended up becoming an employee of the Gym, which gave her more opportunities to intensify her trainings.

Further motivated by a picture of the legendary female bodybuilder Lenda Murray, Ms. Kyle continued her quest for physical perfection until 1994, she was approached by a local bodybuilding competition promoter. She entered the contest, which was the 1994 Long Beach Muscle Classic and she won it. She was since then coached by Patrick Lynn, and it will take four more years for her to win the NPC (National Physique Committee) USA Championships and earn her IFBB pro card. This marked the beginning of her professional championship participations, which she also commenced the very next year, in 1999.

Professional Achievements

Prior to competing in professional competitions, Kyle won the NPC Long Beach Muscle Classic in 1994, the NPC Orange County Muscle Classic in 1996, the NPC California in 1996 and the NPC USA Championships in 1998. Asides from her winnings, she has also achieved numerous second, third and fourth positions.

Iris Kyle’s pro debut in 1999 brought her to the 4th place in the IFBB Ms. Olympia competition, 15th in the IFBB Ms. International and 2nd in the IFBB Pro World Championship. She continued to rank highly in the competitions until 2001 when she won her first professional contest, the IFBB Ms. Olympia Competition Heavyweight title. Lenda Murray, Iris Kyle’s Idol, came back from retirement in 2002 and reclaimed her title as Ms. Olympia in 2002 and in 2003 as well, with Kyle in second position.

In 2004, Iris Kyle achieved a new level of success in her career, when she not only beat her idol Lenda Murray, to win the Ms. Olympia Heavyweight and Overall titles, but also won the heavyweight and the overall titles of the Ms. International competition. The following year, Kyle decided to focus only on the Ms. Olympia competition, but she came second because of weight changes that were implemented by the IFBB. In 2006, she regained both her Ms. International and Ms. Olympia titles, and held unto the Ms. Olympia title for nine straight years, until 2014, after which she went into retirement.

Ms. Kyle retired at the top of her career, and as the greatest female bodybuilder ever. She holds an impressive professional record of seventeen total IBFF professional titles, which are more professional titles than any other woman has ever won. Additionally, her nine consecutive Ms. Olympia wins, has fortified her image as an international bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition icon. She continues to top the IFBB ranking list as the best female bodybuilder ever, and although retired from professional bodybuilding, she still leads an active and interesting life.


Iris Kyle quit professional bodybuilding as a CHAMP, while she was still on top, her reason being that she has achieved her goals of becoming the best female bodybuilder ever. This is a rare occurrence in the world of professional athletics, and goes a long way to portray her high level of self discipline. Although retired, she continues to live an active lifestyle, featuring for example, as Dina in the 2014 movie ‘We are Sisyphos’. She also continues to be active as a personal trainer and as a nutritional guide. She also travels around hosting bodybuilding training and nutritional seminars.

Iris also recently partnered with the 212 Arnold classic Champion, Hidetada Yamagishi, to open The Bodi Cafe, a fitness shop in Las Vegas, with the best smoothies and other products to complement your training. The business also has a website, which features an online shopping cart, with a variety of products that you can order online. These include muscle building supplements, t-shirts and DVDs.

Iris Kyle Ms Olympia
Iris Kyle Ms Olympia

Future Goals

Iris Kyle’s major future goal is to open a physical wellness facility, where she can help women with severe weight problems, to get back into a healthy lifestyle, lose their excess weight, and also regain their lost self-esteem in the process.

Contact Information

Facebook: facebook.com /iris.kyle
Website: www.iriskyle.com
Address: 1795 N fry Road, Suite 196, Katy, Texas 77449.
Telephone : +1 714 326 51 33
Online Shop: www.bodicafe.com

Other Information

Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)
Weight: 157 to 165 lb (71 to 75 kg) in-season, and 175 to 180 lb (79 to 82 kg) off-season.
Nickname: Chocolate Chip
DOB: August 22, 1974
Religion: Baptist
Political view: Liberal
Profession: Real estate agent, personal trainer and nutritional guide.
The Perfect Vacation: A private resort free of city smog, lights and noise. Getting massages, relaxing and sipping wine.
Favorite Cheat treat: Swiss chocolate, yogurt and brownies.


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