You lose after stopping creatine, protein or muscle gainer?

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The Myth about losing muscle
You constantly hear from different people in the gyms and on the Internet statement, which shows a fundamental ignorance: “If you stop taking creatine / gainer / protein, you lose all the muscle you fetched them.”  It’s nonsense!  This myth stands on a misunderstanding of basic nutrition information.

Protein Protein =
– Gainer = protein + carbohydrates (+ healthy types of fat)
– Carbohydrates = sugars and starches

It basically does not matter if you are taking any nutritional supplements, or what you type and brand.  Protein and carbohydrates you normally even in the diet.  So it is important just re-utilized amount of nutrients in one day.  If you replace an adequate food supplement (liquid diet), or vice versa, when you run gainer or protein you eat, and also the same amount of nutrients from the normal diet, that would be no loss of muscle not occur.

This topic is more complicated because it is not always just about the amount of nutrients, but also a kind of protein, carbohydrates and fats.  Different kinds of foods have different nutrients contained usability.  (But to see the myth of “all types of proteins are equally valuable.”) Also, you can count on the fact that traditional food is sometimes difficult to digest, while sports nutrition liquid is almost entirely palatable.

Protein powder and creatine

Building muscle is a process

However, the whole issue, “When you stop taking creatine / gainer / protein, you lose all the muscle you with them fetched,” is at the core of senseless and unnecessary.  Building muscle is a long process and strength training involves basically completely and utterly changed lifestyle.

Or similar questions and objections, “what happens if I stop taking creatine / protein / gainer?” You ever come to mind, because they just do not stop.

But if someone stops eating enough and training, so come in what became, it stands to reason.  If there is but little advanced, so he knows how the loss avoided, and if this can not be avoided (eg due to a serious illness or injury) and his loss of muscle mass is not tragic, because he knows how to return to its original form (if disease or not downright fatal injuries).

The body also has a so-called. Muscle memory, or very easily and quickly able to return to the level that it once was.  Thus, one question or raise a concern especially those who have almost no muscles and the collected few pounds thanks to a pack of creatine / protein / gainer for them so important that they need to solve it.

This myth is a sign of recognition and people on their way to building a truly muscular and strong body have not failed.

It is this myth associated with the myth that confuses legal supplements and illegal doping and based on very vague knowledge about steroids.

For if you plant steroids, so really there is a significant decrease in muscle mass and strength, because the body refuses to process enough nutrients from which the muscles restored and new forms.  (Steroids because they can, that you received from food uses maximum nutrients to muscle growth.)

Supplements and Protein Diet

Low Testosterone Post Cycle

Additionally, when discontinuation of steroids have reduced or no body’s own production of testosterone, or can not sustain the current level of muscular development.  (Advanced users of steroids, however, know about him as a strong and unpleasant busts prevent …)

But if you stop to use one source of nutrients (supplements) and replace it with another one (food) and no muscle loss occurs.  Just need to keep in mind that the classic solid food is less digestible than liquid nutrients, and therefore it is advisable to follow a certain discipline, see articles Conjugation of proteins and how to solve the problem of digestive stomach peaks?

It would appear that creatine is a bit of an exception, but even here the principle – use it to build some muscle and strength, and if you continue to exercise and nourish your muscles, so they at least keep on the same level without creatine.

Confusion some people after discontinuation of creatine lost some volume, it is given by the fact that creatine monohydrate binds water in the body, which after stopping supplementation eliminated.  But again – the feeling of muscle loss in that they can be seen only by those who suffer from excessive introspection and practically have no solid muscle when it embarrasses the body expels a few liters of water.

Indeed there will be no disaster scenario that “will implode muscles and will hang you on the skin.”  Who says this is either an idiot or a deliberately fabricates.  (Alternatively, it is both.)

For people who train longer and have enough muscle mass, it is common that their weight varies even within one week of the order of several kilograms, depending on how exactly receive carbohydrates, drinking water they use salts and the like. These fluctuations while not considered for the loss of lean mass, but they see it only reasonably filling and emptying reserves of sugar and water in your muscles or minerals and amino acids in the skin.

In other words, proteins, gainers, creatine or no miraculous substances that build muscles and their withdrawal is not required to sign on mass loss, unless further exercise and eat properly.



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