The dangers of DNP

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The substance that I am referring to and that I will describe better throughout this article is the DNP, which has been gaining popularity in recent years, especially among bodybuilders and people looking to lose weight.

What is DNP?

Dangers of DNP
Dangers of DNP

DNP is the abbreviation for 2,4-Dinitrophenol, a compound that was used by the French in the production of weapons during World War I and which also caused the death of several workers.

In the past, it has also been used as a preservative for woods, herbicides, as a dye, and to reveal photographs.

In the 1930s, DNP was also marketed and sold to the public as a weight-loss aid without the need for a prescription.

Later, it was withdrawn from the market, especially since it has been proven to cause cataracts and also to cause an excessive increase in body temperature, even causing a significant number of deaths.

How does DNP work?

Without going into great detail, Dinitrophenol is a substance that causes a marked increase in metabolic rate and body temperature, enough to promote fat loss (and also muscle mass) at an accelerated rate.

DNP mainly acts by causing changes in the internal membrane of the mitochondria, which reduce the normal production of ATP and, instead, promote the release of energy in the form of heat.

This in turn causes the DNP to increase the rate of carbohydrate and fat utilization at a faster rate, which in turn leads to weight loss.

We can say that DNP does something similar like brown adipose tissue, whose function is mainly to generate heat instead of generating ATP.

And here we have one of the most dangerous aspects of DNP.  This causes hyperthermia and the loss of control of the temperature by the body, that is, the loss of homeostasis, and the body temperature can reach up to 111 degrees Fahrenheit.

This in turn causes the collapse of the internal organs and, one can say that, the person can be “cooked inside.”

The dangers of DNP

The DNP was withdrawn from the market and banned for a very simple reason;  is a toxic substance that causes health problems and quite possibly death.  It turns out that the margin between the beneficial effects and the toxic effects of DNP is too small.

One of the most recent cases and received the most media attention was a few days ago.  This is Eloise Perri, who was an English student, healthy and only 21 years old, who ingested DNP, with the goal of losing weight.

Eloise Perri ingested DNP
Eloise Perri ingested DNP

It can be said that this young woman died burned from the inside, because the increase of the body temperature (hyperthermia) provoked by the DNP made that the body of Eloise literally cooked inside.

But the negative effects of DNP do not stop here, in addition to hyperthermia, there may still be others such as:

•  Tachycardia: A type of cardiac arrhythmia characterized by a significant increase in the number of heart beats.

•  Diaphoresis: Deep and excessive perspiration or perspiration caused by the ingestion of DNP, which causes a marked increase in body temperature.

•  Tachypnea: Characterized by rapid breathing, ie more than 20 breaths per minute, caused by increased metabolic rate derived from the intake of DNP.

•  Weakness of the immune system: The ingestion of therapeutic doses of DNP can lead to agranulocytosis and neutropenia, characterized by a significant decrease in the number of neutrophils, a type of white blood cells that is present in the blood and that protects mainly against the bacteria.

•  Cataracts: They are characterized by a “haze” of the lens that is inside the eye and leads to a loss of acuity of vision.  It can appear quickly after the ingestion of DNP (in just a few days or months) and leads to permanent loss of vision.

•  Deafness: There have been reports of permanent deafness, even with the use of therapeutic doses of DNP, which further underlines the toxic character of this substance.

•  Skin problems: Ingestion of DNP may cause skin changes such as redness, hives, severe dermatitis, urticaria, pruritus and scaling.

•  Nerve damage: DNP can also cause prolonged damage to the peripheral nerves, especially those in the hands and feet, which in turn can cause changes in the sensitivity and motor control of these body areas, as well as loss of muscle mass, bone and even changes in the skin, hair and nails.

•  Heart Damage: Several autopsies of deceased DNP users reveal that this compound causes severe damage to the heart muscle.

•  Gastroenteritis: It is a serious inflammation of the digestive system, which is not surprising given the toxic and aggressive character that characterizes this substance.

•  Kidney problems: DNP can cause kidney damage, more precisely tubular necrosis, which in turn can lead to kidney failure.  It is recalled that the kidneys are an organ that has an extremely limited regeneration capacity.

•  Neurological Problems: It has been found that DNP can cause various negative neurological effects in its users, such as anorexia, restlessness, headaches, confusion, convulsions and finally coma.

In addition, it has further been found that DNP is a carcinogen, mutagen and teratogenic compound.  The fact that DNP is teratogenic means that exposure to this substance may cause negative (deficiency) changes in the offspring of the individuals who ingest it.

In fact, the harmful effects of this substance are so serious that in 1938, the FDA classified DNP as “extremely dangerous and not suitable for human consumption.”

In addition, and from the reports I had access to, the DNP will still make you lethargic, with little or no energy to train and perform other more demanding activities.

Since DNP is also a dye, your skin, eyes, urine and feces may also get a more yellowish tone.


DNP Pills
DNP Pills

Aggressive fat loss strategies at all costs rarely deliver good results and are often not sustainable in the medium to long term.

I strongly advise you to think twice before acquiring and starting taking a toxic and life-threatening compound such as DNP.  Even if you do not suffer from severe short-term symptoms, it is quite possible that you, and possibly your children, may have health problems in a more or less distant future.

Note that Dinitrophenol is not a supplement and is currently not even a drug that is on sale in pharmacies in any country;  It is a potent chemical and too toxic to humans, so dangerous that its sale has been banned for more than 77 years.

Some sources on the internet suggest that DNP has anti-catabolic or protective properties of muscle mass, but at this time I am not aware of scientific literature that supports these claims and the reports on this subject appear to be inconsistent.

The best ways to lose fat continue to be the same as all of us already know;  Caloric restriction diet, preferably prescribed by a good nutritionist and a physical exercise plan, preferably with the accompaniment of a qualified personal trainer.

Before even thinking about ingesting this kind of substances, I strongly advise you to consult your doctor as well as a qualified nutritionist, so that they help you to lose weight in the most appropriate way to your case, also improving your health level and quality of life.

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