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The GH15 debate rages on
Most bodybuilders, amateur or professional, have heard about such GH15, would someone fake which appeared in some gringo forum only to have fame or someone really cause the subject knowledge, a professional bodybuilder, some myth willing sport reveal all the secrets to having a unique body to the tops of the Mr. Olympia bodybuilders?

Today and notorious fever of crowded gyms, and it also dramatically increased the amounts of bodybuilding athletes, whatever the category, you will always find someone who competes in the academies.  I remember the 90s where very few people knew what was bodybuilding, now the leading internet information every second, does anyone know what it is.

The GH15 took advantage of this exhibition and this pseudonym that this subject has been publishing all he knew about anabolic steroids, as was used in that situation, that dosage etc.  but generating polemics due to name names as Arnold, Jay, Coleman and even Phil as Phillsulina due to high doses of insulin that takes Phil he said, and until something disrespectful.  However, with the spread of the internet today, people who practice bodybuilding can take this as a fact, but attention should be paid enough because we’re talking about a guy who hardly know it is.

The image he wanted to go was a professional bodybuider willing to reveal all the secrets of the medium, but who knows what he really was one of them?  It could be any guy wanting only visible for thinking well, who’s your sport speaks the secrets?

Is GH15 for real?

Do we want to believe that it really is someone famous and professional means, even so, we must be very careful when it comes to ergogenic hormones is not anyone who can quit talking and saying anything, the fact is that anabolic steroids are present in 99% of high performance sports, but athletes do not live only of drug use, lead an orderly life in most cases, feeding, resting, and yet professional bodybuilding athletes are accompanied by many health professionals to have a better benefit with zero or minimal side effects.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to read some post GH15 remember much that he always says “never stop taking tren ace, gh and insulin, they always go together” “take gh as much as your pocket hold” “high doses of testosterone should be accompanied by gh “among several others.  But despite the bodybuilding be an individual sport, always has a comprehensive work behind several professionals from other fields such as nutrition, weight training and medical.

Perhaps much that the GH15 wrote can be really true, but who knows?  Do you dare to do something without any guidance?  I would not have and advise you also do not have.

I do not judge anyone, but we have to think that each individual human being and to their characteristics, thus be closely monitored by a team where I can be like a work of excellence and not by an alleged fake the internet.  In my opinion the reading of GH15 and interesting even, much that he says makes sense, but the difficult and really know if he did it all.

GH15 was not Nasser
GH15 was not Nasser

Finally I do not believe in the GH15 is all a lie, but I also believe it is not all true. I do believe he is a knowledgeable steroid source taking advantage of young steroid users. Always look for someone knowingly if you really follow the path of the professional bodybuilder.

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