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Wife asked if Im on steroids



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Dec 25, 2010
Take a look at all the posts by our female members, and I think you have the right answer. If you want a strong relationship with your wife that's built on honesty and trust, you'll tell her. If you're afraid that she'll still say no, and steroids are more important to you than your marriage, go ahead and lie. IMHO, I think the choice is clear.

On a personal note, I spoke to my wife before I started using, and I bought the book "The Testosterone Syndrome" by Dr. Shippen. I let her read portions that she found of interest, got bloodwork, etc. and made her an informed part of the process. I just think that's the way it should be with ALL areas of your marriage. You may think you can compartmentalize things, but a healthy relationship does not do so.

Good luck bro on whatever choice you make.


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Sep 16, 2010
This is a very tricky one to answer, but each person in a relationship would know there partner than me, and if you both trust each other unconditionally, then there should be no problem keeping the peace with her, along being truthful and honest. Relationships fall apart when people start being dishonest.

Which brings me to the next point. Keep the wording simple and basic. Say I've done my research and I want to try a few things and progress to the next level.

Now my last point, if the relationship is rocky, then it's best to keep the usage to yourself, because you don't want to give any additional fuel for anything else. What she doesn't know won't hurt you, and she has no way of proving anything you are doing anyways. So it's always best to be smart.
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