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Truth about Steroid Expert Anthony Roberts



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Aug 11, 2010
****A Warning to All Bodybuilders !!! Read and Spread the Word!!!****

Meet Anthony Roberts. He writes books and articles on steroids. The accomplishments he lists have included being an elite competitive athlete, training elite competitive athletes and being a MENSA member. He charges $200 per hour for advice! Before you read another word from Anthony or spend another dime, you need to know the truth about Anthony Roberts. Find out who he really is and spread the word.

Lie # 1 His name is Anthony Roberts.

Truth: Though he swears to not hide his real identity and write under his real name, it is a lie. His real name is Anthony Connors. He is 27 years old and lives in Hasbrouck Heights NJ, with…his mommy.

Lie # 2 “Anthony Roberts is an elite level competitive athlete who claims that he can play any sport at an all-star level”

Truth: Anthony played rugby in college at Seton Hall University. Only problem is, not only is it NOT a Division 1 sport at Seton Hall like Anthony says, Seton Hall doesn’t even have a rugby team! It’s a CLUB SPORT that anybody can join just like the Chess Club or the Scuba Club! After college, Anthony did play a brief and crappy year as a minor level rugby player for two different teams in New Zealand before being tossed off back to America. He says a finger injury ended his career. He now plays for a pay-to-play adult club in Bayonne New Jersey the Bayonne Bombers. This is like the rugby club Anthony joined in college, but worse. It is for old guys that want to play on the weekends!

Lie #3 “Anthony Roberts is an elite level coach”

Truth: Anthony coaches the INTERMURAL rugby team at Kings Point College in NY. Wow! What kind of loser would brag that an intermural team is considered “Elite Level”? Can I have your autograph, Mr. Connors er…Roberts?


Look at all the old fat dudes on this “elite” team!

Lie #4 “Anthony Roberts is a genius and a MENSA member”

Truth: Anthony only makes this claim when he is “Anthony Roberts”. His real academic resume under the name Anthony Connors never mentions it EVER - ANYWHERE. Why? Because it’s a lie and he made it up. Talk to him for 5 minutes and you’ll see it yourself. But you gotta pay the ****ing scammer $200 to learn that lesson.

Lie # 5 “Anthony is an advocate for the steroid community”

Truth: Forget his lack of understanding on the subject of steroids and the shitty dangerous advice he gives, Connors is a snitch who published an entire list of dealers with their real names. These were not scammers but standup guys that never ripped anyone off. It happened when these guys realized what a fraud Roberts was and called him out for plagiarizing work and his idiotic theories. So Anthony defended himself by snitching and putting them and all their customers in legal danger.

Lie # 6“Anthony is using his expertise to discovering supplements now!”

Truth: Connors/Roberts hasn’t discovered shit. He took his first and only supplement idea from a guest on an online radio show. This moron wouldn’t have discovered his own asshole had shit not started coming out of it first. Plus, he tells people to use his new pile of shit supplement instead of HCG or Nolvadex for PCT. This supplement was NEVER tested in a SINGLE human, yet Anthony promises it will work twice as good as a prescription drug. He never tested it on people nor did any blood work. Why? Simple. The supplement is garbage, and Anthony is all about the cash and wants yours!

Lie # 7 “Anthony is a highly respected steroid guru and professional”

Truth: You can put this scammer’s work into 2 categories:

1. Inaccurate and dangerous
2. Copied from other people

Other real experts think he is stupid and gives dangerous advice. Here is what Dr. John Crisler (a real hormone doctor) had to say about Anthony:

“There isn't anyone who knows anything about this stuff who respects him. His MO is always the same. He has NEVER engaged in an intelligent debate about any of the goofy ideas he comes up with… He was just thrown off M&M. Fired, humiliated…. Sooner or later, ALL the Boards will realize what an idiot he is.

IMPO, Anthony Roberts is absolutely clueless. I have no idea where he comes up with the totally idiotic ideas he publishes. The fact he refuses to even answer any questions once he is questioned about them--but instead merely tries to ignite his flamethrower--warrants no respect from anyone.”

This doctor is not alone. Nobody with any credibility supports this loser.

Lie # 8 “You can Trust Him”

Truth: Anthony Roberts lies about who he is and what he has done because he wants your money. That’s why he and his co-writer Brian Clapp also run the website It is just another one of their many ways to scam you out of your money! Take a look for yourself. The site sells products that have names and bottles that look almost identical to real steroids. But that is the rub. It is setup to trick newbies into thinking it sells steroids, but it’s really just useless herbs and vitamins packaged to look like steroids. You think you are buying 25mg methandrostenolone tablets, but get a bottle of vitamins with the name “meTanDESenolone”. What the **** is metandesenolone? Nothing but a way to rip you off for $85, that’s what. And lets not forget you can’t trust this liar because he’s a phoney and doesn’t even understand steroids.

Anthony Roberts is everything Anthony Connors wishes he could be but never will be. Anthony Roberts is his fantasy character, made up to sell you crappy stuff.

Connors = intermural rugby vs. Roberts = elite rugby player
Connors= intermural coach vs. Roberts = elite athlete coach
Connors =idiot vs. Roberts = Genius

This article was copied from Trainwiser...


Dec 24, 2010
I believe theroidstore and Roberts had a falling out. He actually has a civil judgement against him for millions of dollars for revealing the proprietary ingredients in the roidstore products. I do not believe he is involved with them any longer.


Dec 12, 2010
I hope he comes and reads this shit, Where you at now Mr. Conners??? You come to a board and take shit out of context, what you gonna do with this?


Sep 29, 2010
Roberts is a pindick- ooh, look I'm in danger- what ridiculous bullshit.

Look at his pictures. He has the brain pan of a chimp, not an evolved human. He looks sideshow-ish.

And that says it all!


Crusty Poo Butt
Sep 21, 2010
Mr Roberts err Mr Connors had pulled crap on another board I once was a mod on. He never revealed he owned the domain for the board till it got shut down


TID Board Of Directors
Jan 18, 2011
Good post brother .. I knew some of this already...paints a bleak picture of a pathetic fucktard