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Test E and Anadrol cycle



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May 17, 2011
Hey guys I am starting a cycle of Test E 300 and Anadrol 50. I am doing two shots of test a week and two pills of Anadrol a day for 12 weeks. I work out 4-5 days a week and eat pretty clean. I am 5'9" 200lbs and low body fat %. What should I run with my cycle. And what would be a good pct. With the pct I need to know what to run, how much, and for how long for a anadrol test cycle. Thanks guys


TID Board Of Directors
Feb 3, 2011
Is this your first cycle? If it is, you don't need anything else. If it isn't, you still don't necessarily need anything else. And either way, even though I think anadrol's liver toxicity is overrated, I would NOT run it at 100mgs for 12 weeks. Just use it for the first 6 weeks. You could also run it for the two weeks between your last shot of Test E and the start of PCT if you wanted to.

As far as PCT, I'm not being a dick when I say, do some research first and then propose what you think would be a good PCT and we'll tweak it for you. This way, you learn about what you're doing and why you're doing it. It's a classic case of the proverbial "Give a man a fish.......teach a man to fish".


Sep 10, 2010
I am currently on pretty much the same cycle and the gains are absolutely crazy, let alone strength gains. Anadrol isn't as liver toxic as everyone makes it out to be but it needs caution because it can cause a host of other unpleasant side effects like mood swings. It can also lower your blood sugar to the point you get tachycardia, shaky hands and dizziness and stuff like that.

Personally, if I were to run it again, i wouldn't use it for more than 3-4 weeks because of the mood swings. When i began my cycle i had my test e at 750mgs but even with 100mgs proviron and 20mgs Nolvadex daily the side effects didn't subside, i reduced it to 600mgs per week thinking that the high amount of converted estrogen from test cause the side effects but nothing happened...

As soon as I stopped anadrol the side effects subsided and now i have to up my test dosage again and this yo-yo effect, i don't like it one bit...


Dec 30, 2010
The second cycle I ran was a test e 300mg/wk 1-12wk A50 50mg/ed 1-8wk. ate like a horse and lifted my ass off and made some very nice gains and some even better strength gains.

I wouldnt personally add anything to it. But would make sure to have letro or something around for emergency use.

I had opted for such a low dose cycle since I have very good genetics.
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