Some Ipamorelin facts

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    Sep 16, 2013
    I like ipamorelin and I def like ghrp 2 & 6 !!! Idk about dosing it pre workout , I've always done it post workout , which in my case is right before bed , since I hit the gym up at nite . All the info I've read on it saids to do it post , but I guess that everyone is different so it may work pre workout also .
    I like that I don't get those heavy sweats like I do with ghrp when I'm waiting to eat . Your supposed to at least wait 15 min if not more before you consume food , to let it take effect . I believe by eating the body puts more emphasis on digesting the food then helping/ releasing its own GH . But I def like peptides and always looking into more information regarding them !!!
    Good Read !!!

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