New study demonstrates massage enhances recovery in bodybuilders

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    A new study on bodybuilders has demonstrated massage reduces muscle soreness following exercise sessions. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is experienced as an aching pain, tenderness and stiffness for several days following severe or unaccustomed exercise. The 'delay' refers to the intensity of soreness peaking between 24 and 72 hours post exercise and then subsiding over the next two or more days. In this study researchers assessed the effects of massage on post workout muscle soreness and muscle damage in a group of bodybuilders using one active group and one control group.

    Journal of Sports Sciences 2015
    Efficacy of massage on muscle soreness, perceived recovery, physiological restoration and physical performance in male bodybuilders
    by Kargarfard, Lam, Shariat, Shaw, Shaw & Tamrin


    It is believed that sport massage after intensive exercise might improve power and perceptual recovery in athletes. However, few studies have been done in this area. This study aimed to examine the effect of massage on the performance of bodybuilders. Thirty experienced male bodybuilders were randomly assigned to either a massage group (n = 15) or a control group (n = 15). Both groups performed five repetition sets at 75–77% of 1RM of knee extensor and flexor muscle groups. The massage group then received a 30-min massage after the exercise protocol while the control group maintained their normal passive recovery. Criteria under investigation included: plasma creatine kinase (CK) level, agility test, vertical jump test, isometric torque test, and perception of soreness. All variables were measured over 6 time periods: baseline, immediately after the DOMS inducing protocol, right after the massage, and 24, 48, and 72 h after the massage. Both groups showed significant (P < .001) decreases in jumping, agility performance, and isometric torque, but significant (P < .001) increases in CK and muscle soreness levels. The massage group in general demonstrated a better recovery rate. As such, a post-exercise massage session can improve the exercise performance and recovery rate in male bodybuilders after intensive exercise.
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    a nice handy at the end never hurts
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    i used this post as an excuse to get a massage today
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    Actually previous research on this topic has not been very supportive for the role of massage in recovery. Some researchers thought it might not do much at all, conversely the average person just assumes it 'works' based on what they feel (hence the duh lol). The research is an important step towards understanding what massage does and knowing other things such as at what point in time gets the best result, what techniques get the best results, what amount of pressure (eg as measured by algometer) etc etc. I suppose you can't please everyone .... and I needed that reminder that forums are not the best place to discuss the p value or the null hypothesis ha.
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    Happy Ending?

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