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Hilarious: what to do now that you have to pay your debts...



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Dec 25, 2010

This article makes it sound like the court took something away. Look, students took out student loans. They spent the student load money (hopefully on an education). Now you have to pay it back. It's called a contract. You know, what grown-ups do.


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Aug 14, 2012

This article makes it sound like the court took something away. Look, students took out student loans. They spent the student load money (hopefully on an education). Now you have to pay it back. It's called a contract. You know, what grown-ups do.
We had something in our local news that this would cause a huge economic disaster because people have to pay these loans. My own kid has one he owes about $30/mo on. Doesn't think it is right he has to pay. He makes about $100K per year driving a truck. Go pay the damn loan off.


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Sep 14, 2010
I know plenty like that. I have a friend who has decided that he would rather suck the government's juicy breasts than have a job. Lots of people are upset that they have to pay back the loans they took out. I'm not sure what they thought would happen when they took out $100k in loans to get a job that pays $40k. It's not society's fault that some people are stupid.



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Nov 11, 2022
I made the mistake (one of many when it comes to women) of co-signing a student loan for an ex. She never made a single payment and kept in a constant state of forebearance until I realized I could either pay it then with $5k in interest already on top or pay it later with even more. Paid it off in a few years then paid mine. It is offensive to me for people to be just getting debt cancellation handed out to them.


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May 23, 2011
Not all student debt is owned by the feds. Many are owned by private banks. From my understanding those owned by private banks would not be forgiven so many people would not benefit anyway. The issue with forgiving fed student debt is that it is TAXPAYERS money why in the hell should I pay for your degree? There is almost 2 trillion in student debt even if they only eliminated the $10-20k per student that would be around 1/2 of a trillion dollars. The economy is already in the crapper after all those $1400 payouts what do we think pulling another $500,000,000 out going to do to us?

People love handouts but never look at the impact they will make down the road. $5/gallon for milk? $6/dozen eggs. Inflation is a direct reflection of poor management from the feds. Hell, next they will want to pay for illegal immigrants health care, housing, food, and education...... OH Wait!!! they are ready! Maybe next will be subsidizing trans female workers because they'll start saying they make less than "males" in the corporate world.

We have too many victims and not enough people stepping up and taking care of their own personal choices.

As some of you know my wife and I fell on hard times because of the covid shutdowns but we did not complain we did what we had to do to survive with what we make and we're doing ok. Not the most ideal living situation but we are survivors and don't ask others to take care of our bills.


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Oct 10, 2010
Everything in this / our system is a disastrous clusterfuck.
Truth is (if there was a choice), I’d rather my tax / extortion dollars go to paying off some student loan debt rather than going to the MIC and Ukraine.
I’d much rather my extorted dollars go to aiding the eradication of homelessness as well. And rather than squandered to the MIC and Ukraine, I’d even prefer it to go to “illegal” immigrants.

Massive G

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Apr 10, 2020
It took me 10 years to pay my debt. I purposely went to a state university vs a big time school with a name and saved tens of thousands a year. I was the first member of my family that went to college and graduated. Back then college meant something. Now after 3 decades of pushing worthless degrees and some getting 250 k in debt How can kids get approved for these monster loans when they don't even have the credit to get a used car? If the government managed the hundreds of billions of welfare medicaid Obama care and social security fraud we would be in a much better state.
I don't want to pay for some dropouts social justice degree or any others for that matter.


Oct 23, 2010
Devil’s Advocate. It was about trying to buy the votes of poor folks who wanted to better themselves with an education, whose rich daddy’s and granddaddy’s wouldn’t/couldn’t pay for it (along with a healthy stipend for living expenses, a new car, a starter house and a job at daddy’s firm when they finish.

On the other hand, there are worse groups in this country to give handouts to. Nobody bitches when banks, big corporations, South American drug cartels, and corrupt Ukrainian warlords get a handout.

And if you don’t think the Federal government has been in the business of buying votes with handouts, you haven’t been paying attention for the last 250 years.


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Dec 10, 2013
Just another way for this jackass to try to buy people’s votes imo. If I said how I really felt about him I’d get a knock on my door. Lol

I just read the other posts, I see we agree on the buying votes part.
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