Did everyone Die from DNP?

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  1. Littleguy

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    Sep 30, 2011
    I guess I should clarify my HORRIBLE eating so that someone else trying this won't feel it is a green light to eat any and all things they want.
    So in the 13 day of my experiment I have gone off track by eating 4 double cheeseburgers total, 4 slices of pizza one day and a small thin crust saprosetta and olive pizza on another occasion both ultra thin crust.
    One pint of Haagen Daaz ice cream one time, chips and salsa, 6 pecan and caramel turtles, and 20 chicken mc nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, and a bite sized snickers and twix bar.

    So for me that is REALLY blowing it cuz normally I dont crave or even like that stuff, I have eaten alot more of my regular food like chicken, rice, pork sirloin on the george foreman and cod and salmon, tuna etc..,,,
    Anyway I am not eating like our dearly beloved Turbo used to or perhaps still does..lol

    The training Meathead is just NOT there beyond maintenance on this compound, energy level just is not available.

    Still cooking my ass off with a fan blowing on me constantly and back and backs of legs soaked while sitting here, not sure yet if tomorrow is last day or if I will push it out to 20 days will decide tonite.
    Still no yellow Jizz as after my first go round of not freaking my wife out I got back on my daily schedule and have not had any issue at all in that dept. maybe it is dose dependant.
    No negative sides other than extremely hot and sweaty all the time and the food cravings again I am 230#s running 250 mg per day taken every night about 10 pm.
    Lotsa vitamins and zinc with extra C to combat the eye issues and drinking tons of water and 2 V-8's per day one morning one evening, no gatorade or pedialyte and no cramping either, NOT recommending anything just giving my agenda to you love muffins.
    Feel free to ask any questions at all.
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  2. big bx

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    Nov 30, 2011
    Did you only run it for 13 days?

    How much fat/weight did you lose?

    How long were your workouts?

    How long did it take you to feel normal again, after you stopped the dnp? Training wise, work, etc?

    ITAWOLF VIP Member

    Dec 9, 2010
    LG hows it going bro?
    wish I would have seen this

    ive run 250mg ed for 8 weeks then dropped to 100mg ed for next mth then 50mg ed for 2 weeks ----total of 14 weeks
    didn't drop my cals below 2200
    and on top of that was maintance of 400 of test c a mth
    I did this bc I had pins put in my foot --so no real work out and no cardio

    day of surgery in jan 2017 --I was 232 and I didn't do a hydro weight but calipers few days b4 I was 13%
    now its been few weeks since last dose ---hell mths but I'm at 217 and 9% by hydro
    just starting to run again and planning to diet for awhile b4 trip to NZ

    after looking at all my training logs--yes a still use a spiral notebook ---this was dnp run # 21
    and I love long runs

    screw short and diets

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