Acne treatment & prevention for steroids users

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    hi all,

    I have decided to add this thread abt acne treatment after I saw the many questions posted in this forum. I reversed bad acne caused by Test E and Deca cycle. Since I have exp with acne drugs even long before I started to use steroids , I guess it's good to share.

    Different classes of anti-acne drugs:

    1) antibiotics:
    Oral antibiotics such as doxycycline, Minocycline and clindamycin has often been prescribed for acne treatment. however, one need to take this medication for months before the effects are apparent. nonetheless, they are useful for enlarged acne pustules and reduce infection of acne scars.

    topical antibiotics: Two most common ones are erythromycin and clindamycin. You apply them on the face. REMEMBER, do not take erythromycin and clindamycin together!!!! they will CAUSE antibiotic-resistance and you will get into trouble. use either one.

    2) peroxide:
    Benzyl peroxide, easily available OTC kills acne bacteria by oxidation, a different mechanism from antibiotics. However, it may not work for deep acne boils we encountered in steroids use. recently, a combination of benzyl peroxide + erythromycin (BENZYMYCIN gel) has been created to increase the efficacy of this cream. I have use this for years to prevent and treat acne. however, this may also cause uneven colouration on face if you are tanned as benzyl peroxide bleaches.

    3) Retinoids
    The most powerful class of drugs which act on the retinoic acid receptors and down-regulate the sebum secretion and reduce the size of sebaceous glands. Two weaker safer topical ones are retin-A and adapalene (Differin gel). Retin A causes irritation and thus, differin has been more popular. I have used differin for years and it has potent anti-inflammatory effects that reduce and prevent acne and formation of blackheads.

    The strongest and potent of all is the infamous roccutane/accutane which actually shrink and block sebaceous gland secretion, directly obliterate the source of acne formation, it is highly effective for cystic acne, and preventive.

    REMEMBER the use of any retinoids increase photosensitivity, which means your skin is more prone to sun damage and hyperpigmentation. MUST USE SUN BLOCK during usage!!!!!

    4) Laser ablation
    recent development in laser render them easily available for aesthetic use. they are perfect for draining deep acne pustule that cannot be resolved by topical antibiotic, the heat generated by the laser also eradicated the bacteria and stimulate the regeneration of skin.

    How I reverse severe acne (acne free) caused by Test E/Deca cycle:

    -oral clindamycin 100mg/d
    -10mg accutane/d
    -Differin gel/ every night
    - Gentamicin+ hydrocortisone topical cream
    - levoceftirizine, antihistamine
    - lysozyme, anti-imflammatory
    -old depp acne removed by carbon laser treatment

    Now, I'm on Test/Tren cycle, the above routine totally suppressed any acne formation (only one or two small ones, no appearance of chest acne)
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    Nov 3, 2012
    Thank you! I have topical clinical I'll be trying. These deep red f***ers from the deca hurt!
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    Wow. Nice article bro.

    I guess I am lucky because my acne is minimal. I control it with Salycilic acid and if I get a bad boil, I put Benzoyle peroxide on it and with those two things, I am able to fight visible acne.

    I also take Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B ____) as a supplement, and I scrub my back, shoulders and but with a soapy scrub brush, each day when I shower. I think the scrub brushing has been as effective as anything in controlling my bacne and the pantothenic acid seems to cut down on the oilyness of my skin, which also helps.

    Still every now and then I have a flare up and I need to resort to salicylic acid or benzoyle peroxide.

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