Woman pleads guilty to assisting 'Musclehead320's' counterfeit steroid distribution ring

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    A woman has pleaded guilty to taking part in a bizarre counterfeit steroid trafficking ring that involved an aggressive social media account called "Musclehead320" and at least one steroid-basted turkey.

    Melissa Sclafani, 29, of Gloucester, faces hefty prison time and fines after being charged with conspiracy to distribute counterfeit steroids, conspiracy to launder money and distribution of counterfeit steroids.

    Sclafani and five other suspects were accused of illegally selling counterfeit testosterone and trenbolone, which are used for body building. Authorities say they used the social media account Musclehead320 to hock their wares on Instagram and, after that account was banned, on Twitter.

    Musclehead320's Twitter content is at times disturbing and bizarre.

    One video shows a heavily muscled man listening to hardcore rock music while wearing a deranged and scarred mask. At one point, the man in the video sticks themselves with a hypodermic needle and leaves it dangling from his arm.

    Tyler Bauman, 32, of Shrewsbury, appears to be the main person behind the persona. He allegedly used to the account to sell Onyx Pharmaceutical-brand steroid and distributed e-Books on how to use steroids, investigators claim.

    At one point Bauman posted a video on Twitter showing him basting a turkey with liquid steroids, authorities said.

    Authorities said Sclafani was the corporate secretary of Wicked Tan LLC, a tanning company co-owned by Bauman and Philip Goodwin, who is also being investigated.

    In her role as corporate secretary, Sclafani assisted with laundering proceeds from the Onyx steroid sales through the business. She also plead guilty to acquiring the materials to manufacture the counterfeit steroids.

    Source: http://www.masslive.com/news/boston/index.ssf/2017/07/woman_pleads_guilty_distributi.html
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    Weird story, weird bunch of people.....
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    They help the Body Builder social image out with that shit. Nice. Well, I don't fill sorry for that trash.
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    Some people's kids...
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    Don't get this confused with the Turkey Baster injection method. @IronCore can teach you the wayz

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