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Waynesboro,VA Police Charge Three in Steroid Sting



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Aug 11, 2010
Waynesboro police say they've shut down a steroid ring operating throughout Augusta County.

Police nabbed three men they say distributed the illegal drugs on multiple occasions in the city.

Forty-seven-year-old Troy Cox, 21-year-old Matthew McClamorch and 29-year-old Richard Stokes are charged with distribution of steroids, which is a felony.

Police say some of the illegal steroids were purchased online from a manufacturer in China, which can add to the danger because it only takes one bad batch to send someone to the hospital instead of the weight room.

Police have notified the post office about the Chinese manufacturer and believe that red flag will help them catch any other online orders.

Sgt. Kelly Walker says he thinks there are more distributors in the area.

"Steroids is a growing problem, not just in professional athletes or in bigger cities," says Walker.

At Powerhouse Gym, personal trainer and nutritionist Lindsay Williams says there is some pressure among body builders to get ripped quick.

"It always is, unfortunately, and I think a lot of people join the gym and think it's going to be much easier than it is to build muscle," says Williams.

However, she says not only is juicing illegal, it's unsafe and does long-term damage to your body.

She says, though it may take longer, consistently putting in the reps on the bench is the only way to safely bulk up.

"It's very well worth it in the end when you do it the right way," says Williams.