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UFC Fight Night: Tuivasa vs. Tybura 03/16

jipped genes

jipped genes

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Oct 22, 2022
HeavyweightTai Tuivasavs.Marcin Tybura
WelterweightBryan Battlevs.Ange Loosa
Light HeavyweightOvince Saint Preuxvs.Kennedy Nzechukwu
Women's BantamweightPannie Kianzadvs.Macy Chiasson
MiddleweightGerald Meerschaertvs.Bryan Barberena

Tai vs Tybura, Good fight, fan friendly. Tai has dropped three in a row to top level guys. Tybura lost 1 in his last three vs the current champ. I doubt this one will go the distance.

Battle vs Loosa, these guys both won their last 2 and lost the one before that. Battle is a hard cardio guy that is good everywhere. His last two wins, one by TKO and one by sub. Loosa is mostly a striker and is super athletic. Loosa stopped his first 6 opponents after turning pro and has not had a stoppage since 2016. I got Battle for this one.

OSP vs Nzechukwu is a gatekeeper fight. OSP has not put together 2 wins in a row since 2017 and seems to win one but loose two. Nzechukwu won 3 in a row before dropping his last fight which was a banger vs another gatekeeper in Dustin Jacoby. Nzechukwu is a finisher. OSP is desperate to get a win. Should be good.
jipped genes

jipped genes

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Oct 22, 2022
Josiene Nunes is a man baby
jipped genes

jipped genes

VIP Member
Oct 22, 2022
HeavyweightMarcin Tyburadef.Tai TuivasaTechnical Submission (rear-naked choke)14:08
WelterweightBryan Battlevs.Ange LoosaNo Contest (accidental eye poke)21:00
Light HeavyweightOvince Saint Preuxdef.Kennedy NzechukwuDecision (split) (29–28, 28–29, 29–28)35:00
FeatherweightChristian Rodriguezdef.Isaac DulgarianDecision (split) (27–28, 28–27, 28–27)35:00
Women's BantamweightMacy Chiassondef.Pannie KianzadSubmission (rear-naked choke)13:54
MiddleweightGerald Meerschaertdef.Bryan BarberenaTechnical Submission (neck crank)24:23
Marcin vs Tai was good while it lasted. Once on the ground, Tai had no answer.

Battle vs Loosa. Battle was tuning Loosa up, Loosa got accidentally eye poked and said he could not see. Battle said he was looking for a way out and all of the sudden Loosa wanted to fight again. Battle post fight interview from sherdog. “It’s tough because I put in all the work,” Battle said. “I was beating the s*** out of him. I did everything I wanted to do. You cannot tell me he wasn’t looking for a way out. F****** p***** b**** motherf*****. I’ll run it back next week, I don’t give a f***.”

OSP vs Kennedy was a GREAT figtht. these guys traded and were technical in the pocket the whole fight.

Rodriguez beat Dungarian by striking when he was not on the ground with Dungarian on top. Dungarian controlled but did not do damage. I am glad Rodriguez won.

Chissan made quick work of Kianzad

GM3 got the win he needed over Barbareena. What a squeeze.

How OSP vs Kennedy was not a fight of the night I don;t know.

  • Fight of the Night: No bonus awarded.
  • Performance of the Night: Marcin Tybura, Macy Chiasson, Jafel Filho, and Jaqueline Amorim
Nunes, whom I called a man. You decide.



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Sep 21, 2011
Yea man, a lot of these Brazilian females are either true butches or they are using some androgens under the radar. I know in bodybuilding and other stage competitions they are doing a lot of braindead mega-dosing on PED's....heck, just look at all the weird synthol/implants et al crap that comes from there, both men and women.

He (Nunes) and Virna Jandiroba could be boyfriends, lol. Andrade is not far behind though either, lol.

I did not watch this event, I had zero desire to watch it:(
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