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The cry factor!



Sep 20, 2010
Well,well,well, Whos not crying about the pain factor now of days? Never in my life have i even encounted gear being judged on the pain factor...Forget the gear is potent and works like a charm...Forget the fact thats its legit and it the real deal..Ive seen this out break in the worst way lately...Grown ass men crying about how painfull the injection was and how it reacted a certain way.......So the gear is painfull...So what!What do people expect.That running anabolics was a easy task...That anabolics was a cake walk to run?..Sorry...PAIN IS THE NAME OF THE GAME....If people are going to cry about the pain factor then very well pack your up your gear box and throw the shit away....I can tell u first hand ..Pain was a factor from day one..I just excepted that fact....Nothing good comes easy i tell u that....Most of this talk of course comes from the newbes..They think steroids are surpose to be painless...U see they dont read about that in text books because its allready understood..It burns my ass to see these comments about pain and judgeing gear about its pain factor...When ever someone decides to use steroids expect pain..expect infections and except swelling and redness and heat to to the touch...Its just the way it is....Certainly i know some people react diff to certain compounds and to certain chemicals but thats ok.but when u start to rate gear on a pain factor then its like listening to a bunch of babies that is saying more or less...i dont know what im doing....And most the time thats the case....And whats sicking u have some people with vip stuas that go along with it like they don't no any better..Thats another story giving out rank to people that talk a good talk but never walked the walk in real life experances....Theres a BIG ASS DIFF between the both...To many steroid expert panels runing around..Reading from books and learning that way is bogus...All the shit u read out there is nothing more then copy cat words swiched up to make it sound interesting...Most the fucks that write these articals dont have any experiance....Well,thats the same shit that happening in this commuinty...Just because u have some high rank dont mean you deserve it..Anyway,back the the cry baby factor....Let me make myself clear here..This is NOT AIMED at this board ...We have alot of long time vets here that have real life experience...This is why i repect this board..We have a great group of people here...Just open your eyes and if u ever visit other sister boards read between the lines...You will see what im talking about...Why should it effect me....It doesnt really....but cancer travels and i dont want that type of shit spreading around like wild fire ....We are here to learn the hard ture facts....Its our duty to keep the bugus bullshit out of site and mind.....We are here to learn from each other and our walk in this world thats misunderstood.....Facts remain facts..Pain is the name of the game....And that comes with useing steroids....And when someone claims something we must judge it as we know better...The noobs will not change the game....deadweight
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Chutzpah VIP
Jan 17, 2011
I kind of like the pain factor...except test prop, something about it cripples me wherever i have tried to put it.


Sep 10, 2010
At the beginning of this week i got the sudden fear of injecting (it is my third week on cycle) but i got over it quickly and injected 1cc in my right delt and 2cc's on my left ass cheek. No pain, no gain. Simple as that. Funny thing is that this is my second cycle with injectables.
red rocket

red rocket

Senior Member
Feb 17, 2011
Hell pain from a shot of AAS is a hell of a lot less pain then say divorce. Ya DW I expect it to hurt. I have tried every compound made. This week, 1ml test p, 1ml tren a, 1ml mast e right pec shot. UGGHH probably wont try it again but who knows.


TID Board Of Directors
Feb 3, 2011
I'm with Goldy on this one. I enjoy the pain. I'm not a textbook masochist or anything, I just like to be reminded with every step or every wave that I'm on cycle and it's working. The time I had ZERO pain from prop and mast was the time I got bent over and raped with $700+ of bunk gear. So bring on the pain.


Bigger Than MAYO - VIP
Sep 9, 2010
I didn't read the whole novel DW but I feel you... its time for some of these guys to MAN UP AND STOP CRYIN!!

If it were easy women and children could do it!
Number LL

Number LL

VIP Member
Dec 4, 2010
One word....Paragraphs. :) J/K.

There is a lot of whining. If it doesn't turn red and burn, I don't care if it hurts.


Senior Member
Feb 14, 2011
keeping it real..
I wanna start my first test cycle and yeah deadweight i rly want too hear the real deal and info about that shit and if theres a pain factor..
I wannah be prepaired for it and know what too do
hope i'll get the needed and solid info about it in here!