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The Big Show


The other Snake

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Aug 19, 2016
I think the man accomplished what he set out to do in his chosen field. Being big was his trademark and therefore the extra weight was just a bi-product of meeting that goal.

With regard to extreme weight loss, I have always been positive and a cheerleader at a distance with any comments I make about the weight loss. Now here's where I get called a dick by those that don't understand me or anyone I have worked with on the matter; I do not give anyone credit for fixing something they broke.


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Dec 25, 2010
Big Show looks great! And I'm sure that he's in better health with the weight loss. Pretty impressive, quite frankly.

With the earlier question about why he (Big Show) might not have been a professional athlete such as the NFL, he's a big guy, but being an NFL OL takes a lot of quickness, especially lateral quickness. Not only that, but there is a lot of technique and intuition that the top lineman have that is needed. All the different stunts they run, and pulling, and trap blocking.... it's no picnic, even if you're big and strong.

Those 300-320 pound NFL lineman may not be too quick in the 40 yard dash (in fact, they are still pretty darn quick, just not compared to the WR),but they're actually quite quick in the 5 yard dash, which is critical in picking up a blitzing LB, or attempting to get in front of an outside left side DL. They have an extremely quick first step.

I had a buddy that played against Hugh Green in college (he was at Louisville, and Hugh was at U Pitt, I believe),and he said Hugh was so fast that all he could do was just throw himself in Hugh's general direction with hopes he could just slow him down. As Hugh won the Heisman Trophy as a senior, I don't think many college level OL had much better success! LOL

But getting back to Big Show, he made for himself a great career, and he looks healthy! Props to him.


TID Board Of Directors
Sep 21, 2011
He's doing well and looks much better...his biggest feit will be any lose skin that might come up from being so large...mostly as he gets leaner from here on in with further waist shrinking. That's the case with most, but hopefully it doesn't come up for him. He has to feel much better, it hopefully extends his life, at least quality of life.

I helped Mike Miller a little bit with his diet when he was trying out for WWE. He had already dropped down to around 305# from like 450#. He wanted me to help him drop 15-20 pounds in like 2 weeks....ugh! The only way to do that would be with lower carbs to drop some water weight, but he also needed energy for performance, as Vince and others were going to observe him. So I kept protein up, adjusted calories and carbs, and tried to incorporate glycerol to help with hydration and performance, as he was training for hours on end. I remember him saying that he would never go back up in weight and felt much better. I'm not sure how much he followed my advice because I told him to try and find somebody close to him in person, and he eventually went that path. Of course, that was advice for that specific situation, as i'd advise something different with more time involved. He quit trying out for wrestling and then tried to do mma, but had some kind of brain issue, so I think he eventually stopped mma to prevent from worsening the condition by getting knocked in his thick noggin. After all that, he kind of went MIA, at least from the forums like AFBoard that he was on. Dude was a riot, and cool ass dude. He posted at Iron Trybe for a few years too back when it was up. Hope he is doing well.