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Started using creatine again



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Jun 7, 2011
2 weeks ago I added creatine back in to my supplement regime. Ive not used creatine in probably 10 years. Let me back up and say, this whole covid thing interrupted my entire health/ well being habits. I was already struggling with a few injuries before covid so I had already lost a lot of the passion I had for lifting (no surprise there, I've been doing this for 40+ yrs now). Once lockdowns started I was away from lifting for months but did manage some cardio in that time. I set up a home gym probably 4 months ago and got back at it. My performance was most discouraging, the biggest thing that kept me going was my daughter started working out with me so I would get after it mostly for her. Back to creatine.. As stated its been 2 weeks since I added it back into my supps. It has had a notable effect on my performance. Strength has increase (finally),muscles look fuller and I actually just feel better. Don't overlook the benefits of this relatively inexpensive supplement!


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Jan 20, 2011
Your covid experience has been much like mine bro. The gyms closed here for 6 months. I did manage to get a dozen or so workouts in at my friends home gym 40 minutes drive from my place. Then when they re-opened they have a mask mandate. :- /

Let me tell you lifting with a mask on is a bitch. I've been going late 9-10 pm when very few people if anyone is there. I can take the mask off or pull it down off of my nose for air.

Without the motivation of a daughter or anyone (I live alone) I'm back at it steady and like you getting my strength back. Also endurance is returning.

I'm on a cycle and have also added creatine into my post workout shakes after a long break from using it. Muscles filled out nicely so far but have a ways to go.