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Sep 30, 2011
I really haven’t done more than moderate weight until this past week going heavy. Feels great stepping up my game again. I really want to drop the excess body fat (recently developed rolls & sagging chest),and gain definition. Diet is complete trash. Lookin into possibly going keto. Not sure if it’s the best thing for my body tho. Have a hard time skipping out on beer, nachos, wings, & pizza lol.

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If it's your first week of going heavy, you won't feel the full brunt of it's affects for about three weeks. That's when aches and pains will catch up. It can get hard for your body to heal if you are working a lot of hours.

It's possible you could feel extra beat down and not progress. If cutting, it can cost you muscle. You will want to find a balance. Too much work, adjust your training, work slacks, bring your training back up. The better you feel, the better you will perform at the gym and work.

Only you can know if your being overworked.

I haven't really looked into the keto diet, from what I understand it's high fat moderate protein. If I run just protein and fats I lose fast. I take in around 2200 to 2400 calories a day as well so I don't feel hungry.


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Nov 24, 2011

Few years now. New challenge is staying consistent while working 14-16 hr days, sleeping enough, and eating right.
That is awesome, and I remember those days for sure. Sleep is the key when pushing that hard with work and training. Dont be afraid to drop volume and train on a 'heavy' periodized program. I made the best progress of my life on 3 day / week training for strength. Workouts were only 50-75min (depending on my rest periods). Your eating will determine what happens with the scale, and the programming of your training will give you stimulation. The extra time off will allow your recovery (which is when growth happens).

Just a thought, but when time gets tight for me, I get the stimulation in without killing myself. Lots of good study, but even one maximal set e/10day has shown to be enough stimulation to maintain. Train smart not hard when life presents obstacles!