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  1. navyfitessex

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    Apr 26, 2015
    Hello all supplement representatives!

    I am the afloat MWR fitness and nutrition director for the USS Essex Amphibious ship (LHD2). We are gearing up for a 7 month deployment soon and I am looking for popular items I can include in specific events prizes I have planned for big ship wide fitness challenges and contests such as a tractor pull, a powerlifting meet, a biggest loser challenge, an afloat fitness combine (like the NFL combine) but military based. And a few flight deck 5 and 10k races and maybe even a half marathon if possible.

    For each event I want to have some nice big incentives and prizes to award outside of what we have already. It seems that t-shirts, muscle tops, tanks, protein bars, protein powders, recovery supps, workout towels and hoodies and the like a super popular prize items for Marines and Sailors aboard. Pre workouts I need to be super touchy on as the DON my employer, is very anti-pre workout and if word gets out I am giving it could be bad for me lets leave it at that.

    I am more than happy to and willing to offer back pictures of the prize items and their award recipients for these events and contests for your use in social media, marketing etc. I have many of these pictures and posts already on my social media links from past vendors that supported us. Its only fair you get something out of such support so this is the least I can do for anyone who would be open to supporting me and my command as we get ready to hit the open waters.

    To see my pages of social media that link to all my command activity, see below:

    NavyFitCVN76 Twitter
    NavyFitCVN Instagram
  2. Bonehard

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    Sep 14, 2013
    A nuclear powered fixed wing carrier..impressive..I wish I had something to offer..good for you for thinking outside the box..hoodys and t shirts will prob be most popular as u stated...carrier life isn't that bad from what I hear..a city on the water..with Mickey D's even...hard to get fit on McDeath! Good luck with your endeavor .. I wish all the success and reward for you your people. Respectfully.
  3. PillarofBalance

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    Feb 27, 2011
    Gotta love DoD policy.

    Pre workout - no!

    Go pills - go!

    That's pretty awesome that you are there to keep these guys in shape.

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