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Sep 15, 2010
This one has been bothering me for a long fuckin time, so I gotta put it out there. I'm tired of hearing bellyaching about who is or isn't natural. Or who takes this or doesn't take that and Andreas Munzer's death stack and hating on Skip Lacour and Michael Lockett cuz he said/she said "fill in the blank".

Blah, blah fucking blah... I can't listen to it anymore. It no longer matters. Nobody knows what you really aren't on or what you are on. It is a joke. I've been on OTC supplements for 10+ years and have trained my ass off going from 165 to 340 and counting. Guys were pointing the "juice finger" when I was 25 and didn't even weigh 2 bills. Give me a fuckin break. Ya know what I learned? You have to take people at their word... If they lie and lack honor, that is on them.

The general public sees a big guy or somebody in decent shape and automatically points the finger. I've seen the boards question Brad Pitt, Marky Mark and Matthew McConaughey. Are you fucking kidding me? Look at baseball... Newsflash: A lot of the big home run hitters are clean and a lot of the skinny middle relievers are on everything under the sun. Don't discount genetics and hard work and don't be "that guy".

You know who "that guy" is? He's the weak minded fuck so hung up on his many shortcomings that he is the first one to point at the next man and say "all drugs". Do you realize how much of a dick rider that guy appears to be? All he is saying is, "I'm weak, you are better than me and my feeble mind can't conceive of how you can be so much better than me without drugs." Sad.

Guess what else? There are many pathetic fucks in your gym who never ate a bodybuilding meal in their life and train with less intensity than a geriatric cardiac patient yet they have several cycles under their belt. I see it all the time. I also had a friend who was a freak... "Overtrained" his ass off, doing 4 bodyparts in a session, training everything 3 and 4 times a week. An ex-baller, he was like 6' 235 rock hard with 20" arms and strong as an ox. One day I suggested he start drinking protein and taking creatine. Dead serious he said "Nah man, I'm gonna stay natural and stick with Gatorade." This dude would murder every guy who used drugs in my gym, and he thought creatine and protein may as well have been GH and test.

So there you have it... My little rant on the "natural" issue. I've come to the realization that while this argument is somehow intertwined with my life in this sport it doesn't mean jack shit. All we've got is our word... Take it or leave it. Give me a guy on the shit who pays his dues and lives and breathes this lifestyle over a skinny "natural" know-it-all who cries to the heavens everytime a big guy walks by. Give me a slender kid clean as a whistle who chews dirt and rocks and pummels himself every day in the name of being more over some chemist prick who takes every shortcut he can find and looks like Mr. Universe. Hardcore, gentlemen, is a state of mind and being a true bodybuilder has nothing to do with what you are or aren't using... It is about what kind of man you are.
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Lizard King

Lizard King

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Sep 9, 2010
People think that steroids are magic! BAM!!! I took TEST, look at me now!!! Yeah, well, if you don't train and eat you will just look like a bloated mess and have no gains. Just because you are "on" something, you still need to put just as much work in at the gym, everything you're taking just helps with the results.


Dec 20, 2010
Well said...You are enlightened...! It's not what you are on or not on that defines you as a human being. Respect!