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  1. barbellbeast

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    Oct 4, 2010
    This could have gone in three different sections, but I figure the peptide section gets frequented more.

    I'm in contest prep(8 weeks out right now), the last 4 weeks I'm adding in LR3 to put some finishing touches in place and to optimize filling out when I increase carbs towards contest day. After reading ideas, my plan was 100mcg 20 minutes post workout...but considering that my current diet involves 30g of carbs for the day all at my lunch meal( I may tweak that to post workout for this purpose), 100mcg of LR3 may be a bit much without any carbs in my system post workout(I workout first thing in the AM before my whole brain realizes what I'm doing).

    So, you being an intelligent group, what do you think of 50mcg post workout and another 50mcg before bed?

    If you want background, my body isn't some gentle flower...before starting prep I was using 75mcg IGF-1DES and then 5-10 units of insulin comfortably. So I may actually be able to hit 100mcg of LR3 at once without issue, but also have to consider insulin sensitivity changing with less body fat.
    Thank you
  2. CFM

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    Mar 18, 2012
    I am late to this party but if you're still interested in a sounding board let me know.

    Currently running HG & slin preWO with LR3 post.
  3. chestrockwell420

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    Oct 9, 2012
    CFM i am interested in more experiences. been wanting to do it again for years but the stuff on the market is not what it used to be.

    i ran 50mcg post wo 5 days on. honestly i dud not buy enough to run a decent cycle but the pumps and vascularity were great. would love to see that addition this spring

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