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I despise fat phobia !



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Nov 29, 2013
I've posted about one of my pet peeves before on WCBB....Costco and other places with shopping carts. Have you ever noticed that the fattest people are the ones always leaning onto the handles and very slowly moving the cart around, while the people at normal weight and in good shape are pushing the cart standing up straight with their hands around the handles and seem to have purpose? . . . .
or, the people who are fat but not truly handicapped in any way, who .......

1) take the several motorized shopping carts provided by some stores for those who are truly handicapped,

2) or who park in the several handicapped parking spaces even though they are only fat,

3) or who park right in front of the store, or have a relative do that and wait there, while they waddle into the store ? :mad:


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Sep 30, 2011
Now you see people bigger than this every day...



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Dec 11, 2022
I’ve been fat to the point my company commander gave me a summary Article 15 with only 30 days to make weight or I would be put out of the Army.
Very embarrassing for me.

Ive also been very ill and dropped down to only 124 lbs at 6’0”.

It really sucks to be unhealthy at any weight!!!
Joe Rogan is the man.
I listen to all of his podcasts as quick as they are posted.


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May 24, 2017
I am not sure if you have been anywhere outside of the US but fat acceptance is basically an American thing. I mean the Japanese have Sumo wresting and North Korea has that balloon dictator but a fat Asian is like the 1% group. Europe, sure there are some fat fucks but they aren't "accepted" they are just tolerated.

My uncle used to come to the states every few years and it was hilarious the way he looked at fat people. He did this thing where he puffed out his cheeks and opened his eyes real big, right in front of them. My dad asked him for years to get his green card so he could work here in his profession(engineer)and make more money. He would just laugh and say that he would rather be homeless.

People in the US are mostly weak. Not everyone obviously but it is like victimhood is the new cool. Weird people who were once held to a standard of normalcy are now treated like royalty. I mean, the majority of the "handicapped) placards are held by FATasses. They reward FAT people with VIP parking.

We literally have a section of clothing for FAT people. There are special parking privilege's for being FAT. There are special motorized shopping carts for FAT people. The restaurant industry caters to FAT people. How many fast food joints do you have where you live? How many health food joints do you have? Sports Illustrated has a FAT swimsuit model addition. Here in the US, life is easier if you are fat and lazy. The list is much longer than I care to list.

Bah, I need to go take a Rosanne Bar...


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Mar 18, 2012
Attending a group dinner Monday evening I was singled as "eating like a Californian" and the he followed up with the all time classic "I eat what I want to eat".

I don't bite the hook, I sit back and think to myself "another fat fuck on his way to a cardiovascular event".
jipped genes

jipped genes

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Oct 22, 2022
Yes part of the globalist plan for social control. Millions more will die in the years ahead from the shots can't imagine the children that were given the shot as toddlers and beyond.
You people sound like conspiracy theorists!

I bet you said "natural immunity to covid is not a thing!"

Well bad example, it is as good or better than the shot

You will not get covid with the vax.

Wait, not true either, even if the president says it is.

You cannot spread covid with the vax then! Yeah this one.

Oh yeah, vaxxed people have the same viral load as per the CDC but are less likely to recognize symptoms so more likely to spread it.

At least we can trust the media

Wait, Operation Mockingbird

Ok, you folk are starting to sound reasonable.
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