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How many other lies?



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Oct 10, 2010
TB, the problem with that is that the things that Fung preaches against also show great success in healing and controlling diabetes. The debate wasn't that Fung's diet recommendations couldn't control blood sugar or health (it's just a lower carb-controlled diet), but rather his incorrect reasoning for it. When Fung is called out, he blocks people and refuses to debate them on it. I've seen it first-hand. It's hard to prove anybody wrong when they block you. There is nothing wrong with what Layne has stated. What he stated is not only backed in the literature, but it's been shown in clinical practice that many of us, myself included, have seen first-hand. It's funny, and i'm pro diet in any fashion as long as people are happy with it and follow it long-term with good health, is that everybody i've worked with in both a clinical setting or 'bro' setting, has been able to get in shape with good health markers, by doing the things that Fung states are wrong or unhealthy. He also confuses a lot of terms as pointed out by Layne.

For the record, i'm not always 100% in agreement with Layne either, there are a few minor things I disagree with him about, but the majority of the time he is very knowledgeable on the matters.
I understand that / your perspective of it — I see it differently however, because I think it’s actually prudent for Fung to not invest all the time and energy that’s otherwise eaten up by arguments or debates. I’m familiar with Fung for quite some time (some years) because I was referred to him for some possible assistance regarding my renal issues. The methods / approaches Fung uses to treat his patients metabolic issues (not just diabetes) have been very successful, and I think he’s content to simply continue sticking to what’s needed rather than be distracted by naysayers or others with different approaches and beliefs.
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