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Hoping for some workout routine advice, to add to the research I have done



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Dec 8, 2022
Hi all :)

I have an FTX functional trainer, and a good amount of dumbells. And a bike, but that doesn't factor in here.

I am trying to put together an upper body w.o. routine. Not looking to get big and muscular; I prefer lean with some tone and definition. I am 6'0, 195 (should be about 175), and although I am of the understanding that diet is one of the keys to burning fat and fat/weight loss, I am really hear about the w.o. portion today.

Research tells me that one should not work out every muscle every day, but instead, some muscles one day, others the next, and so on. The Q that I have is which, and how to account for many exercises targeting multiple muscles, or muscle groups?

I have complied a list of many exercises (I am sure there are more), and the muscles/groups they target:

Dumbell Curls - biceps
Lat Pulldown - pecs, biceps
Cross Body Hammer Curl - biceps
Chest Fly - biceps, front delts
Upright Row - biceps, delts
Arnold Press - delts, triceps
Triceps pushdown - triceps
Skull Crusher - triceps
Cable Bench Press - triceps, delts, pecs
Side Raise - delts
Double Cable Row - delts
Face Pulls - rear delts
Rear Delt Fly - rear delts
Reverse Low Crossover - rear delts
Shoulder Rotator (aka 'rear delt') - rear delts
Front Delt Raise - front delts, side delts,
Close Grip Dumbbell Press - pecs, triceps, delts
Dumbell Pullover - pecs, triceps, delts
Dumbell Bent Overrow - back, posterior deltoids and biceps
High Pulley Cable Crossover - pecs
Single Arm Low Row - lat
Single Arm Mid Row - lat

I was going to use these as a guide, but I am stuck with which to do on Mon., which on Tues., and so on. Do I do triceps and biceps on the same day, or are those done on different days? Delts seem to be a common theme; is there a concern of doing too much there? Should all delts be done on the same day, or rear one day, front the next, etc? Any other exercises I should add to this list? Anything I should eliminate due to redundancy?

I don't mind being pointed to more research, to other threads and articles, so if that's easier, please feel free.

Thanks in advance.
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