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Discussion in 'Female Misc' started by Cannibal74, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Cannibal74

    Cannibal74 New Member

    Mar 30, 2017
    A lady that I work with had a complete hysterectomy 7 years ago and was on HRT but had a small stroke and quit the HRT. Now she is having issues with weight gain and major hot flashes. I read on a forum a while back about a cycle that could help her possibly but cant locate it, is there anyone that could possibly help out with some suggestions on a HRT with lower sides ( stroke issues ) that can be helpful. plus she has raging ...... issues 50% of the time highs and lows if you get my point. Thanks for any and all help.
  2. veronica

    veronica TID Lady Member

    Aug 6, 2016
    I remember reading that a low dose of test (20mg test c/week) really helped some women who were going through menopause alleviate most of their symptoms, hot flashes, mood swings etc.
  3. Mike_RN

    Mike_RN Senior Moderators Staff Member

    Aug 13, 2013
    The stroke risk increases with Estrogen HRT not Testosterone. It's the same reason women on Birth Control are at higher risk for Stroke or DVT.

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