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Had a seizure...



Sep 19, 2010
All I really wanna say is take care of your self BR, I had never seen anyone have a seizure in real life till a few weeks ago when my wifes friends son had one and it was scary. Hopefully when you get some insurance they can get you the meds you need.
Thanks for kind words...


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Nov 12, 2012
So sorry Dad. Guess I don't get my allowance this week...
I just wanted to share a strange and scary experience with the forum but for some reason you've decided to see who can piss farther. Bro, WTF is your vage in a spasm over?
I'm sorry you hate your life so much you feel the need to try and belittle a guy who just had a seizure.
What's on the agenda today big fella...gonna go shake down some kids from St. Jude to help pay for cocksucking lessons...oh wait, you've mastered that already.
Guess your gonna have to find solice in torturing small animals again today.
God your a dick.
Nah, just think you are full of shit and I called you out on it.

Your only response is trying to shoot me down.

What you said didnt happen, you are lying about it or you are just dumb.
Pick one, you get started it.

How can it be so scary when you said you thought you knew the outcome?
How can it be so scary you avoided the ER, they would by law have to treat you.
Seriously, you want us to believe this was so scary but you didn't feel the need to seek medical help for being paralyzed, get the fuck out of here.
Just stop lying.


Oct 31, 2018
Concussions are certainly no joke and that can cause issues later on in life. Can relate as I myself had a concussion when playing football as a teen and had a brief episode of vertigo and dizziness then that sometimes recurred later in my life. Definitely get it checked out once you get medical insurance, as what others said it can end up badly for you should you ever have another episode like that especially when driving, lifting or even doing heavy work.

Hopefully a doc can make that determination as to the cause and perhaps a remedy for it. Just be smart about getting that done.


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Sep 7, 2010
I had several grand mal seizers when I was younger. Went to the ER many times for nothing and racked up a lot in bills. I just told anyone around me that if it happens, make sure I'm breathing and I'll snap out of it. Thankfully haven't had another one in a very long time.
Lil Ed

Lil Ed

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Jul 15, 2011
I seen a young man have a seizure in a movie theater. ambulance and firefighters came paramedics took him out. he was telling them to get the fuck out of his room.. poor f'en guy..

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