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Cutting weight with a sauna or hot epson salt bath



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Aug 14, 2012
Holy fuck thatbsounds effective but brutal. There isnt drastic strength loss? Pillar has kinda had a hamd in convincing me that i shoukdnt cut and just compete 220 at my 212. I woukdnt be breaking any records at 198 anyways
Way back when I weighed 212, I wanted to drop down to the 198's. Two days out I started diuretics and the afternoon before weigh-ins on Saturday morning, I started ex-lax. I had stopped eating Thursday night and just sucked water Friday. Those fucking little pieces of chocolate ex-lax looked damn good being hungry as shit and that I did for hours. I made the 198's but started cramping up and could not complete. That was the last time I ever tried to drop weight. Much better going in fat and happy. I did my best in the 308's weighing about 290-298.

I did see guys back at the WPO who used diuretics and zero carb diets for the week. The weight-in was 2 days out for those meets. The following two days it was back to high carbs and even glucose IV's. So they would add 10-15 pounds over the limit by time to lift.

I agree with MikeRN, epson salts should help. If you have a night before weigh-in you should be able to easily gain all of that weight back with lots of liquid and carbs.

Captain Grumpo

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Feb 8, 2019
Hey brotha check out Ben pollacks weight cut on

Just google “Ben pollack weight cut”

I’m a 198 Uspa lifter and make weight every time following this proctol. I’ll be about 210ish in the am before starting the cut 1 week out.

Just tighten up the diet a tad. Drop a couple lbs and you’ll hit weight relatively easily.


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