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Can women “ baby dose” Decca?



Nov 10, 2021
"Better" would depend on the purpose of use and desired end result and side effects. Nothing that would likely be life threatening at those doses but given the long half life, it could add to some virilization and as hooper said, a hormonal rollercoaster could ensue and it won't end well for either party. The ester only dictates the release of the parent drug into the system and time to steady state/inj frequency, until then its a pro-drug. Yes NPP clears faster, but you have twice the blood conc for a shorter period of time (given the same dose) and nandrolone metabolites are not esterified so regardless they will hang around for a while and be suppressive to the HPA. As to what determines the side effects in any one person, only that person can tell you after they've tried whatever compound is in question. I would say if you really want to know what nandrolone does, assuming no drug testing for a very long time if ever, then NPP would be the better option to see what happens. My reading of this thread was, you had extra Deca on hand and wanted to put it to use. If the purpose is a short cycle to add a little muscle and minimize androgenicity, then OX or Primo would certainly be better options. If it were a longer term adding for joint issue HRT with less concern about virilization, then ND in very small more frequent doses to keep peak blood levels post inj down. Of course this is all theory and my opinion. What I like about these threads is it gets everyone thinking and adds personal experiences. Ultimately the individual has to make the decision what to do. This is not medical advice.

Completely understand and agree. The conversation is just for entertainment purposes only as I'm not a doctor, your not a doctor, and none of it's medical advice even though I DID STAY AT AT HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS LAST NIGHT....


TID Board Of Directors
Jul 23, 2011
The thing is, we can only deal in large generalizations. I know women that do cycles of Primo and Var and experience very low sides. BUT I also know Lauren Powers and you can see what all that did to her. She is real cool, but no wants to look like that. And every picture of her on the internet is touched WAY up. Standard protocol , start low, and find the sweet spot. I have been a guy who can put on muscle with very low doses compared to others...


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Jun 8, 2022
Thanks for the recommendation, hooper! My mom is looking for an artificial stimulator to help her with exercises, and now I know what I can suggest she take.


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Jan 5, 2011
I wouldn't recommend using a long ester like that on a woman...... If she starts showing too much virilization it could be months before its out of her system..... You don't want to end up with a husband instead of a wife ya know?

Any reason that she's not looking at Var? Or primo?.... or even Winstrol. I had a GF who took 5-10 mgs of winstrol before workouts and got amazing results.... But she quit after a few weeks because of body acne that developed.


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Jan 19, 2011
1,018 Frisoli et al, women treated with ND 50 mg every 3 weeks (avg 16 mg/wk), they added over 2 years about 3 kg of muscle, virilizing sides were minimal. I would have liked to see what 16 per week would have done compared to 50 every 3.

Did they weight train??
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