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Calgary man charged with trafficking anabolic steroids



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Aug 11, 2010
CALGARY - Police have stopped a booming steroid business that involved delivering performance-enhancing drugs around town.

While police sometimes find them during drug busts, steroids have not been the focus of a drug unit investigation until this case started about a month ago.

"We have not done a seizure of this size related to steroids in at least five years," said drug unit Staff Sgt. Dale Ruzycki.

Police said they searched an Auburn Bay home and a 2006 Toyota 4Runner last week, finding $91,000 in cash and anabolic steroids, including hundreds of vials, bottles and pills worth $20,000.

"He had a large client base and from all walks of life," said Ruzycki.

The two-level home is in a new and quiet community still being developed at the outer edge of southeast Calgary.

A woman who answered the door Monday evening said she didn't want to talk and slammed the door shut after being asked by the Calgary Herald for comment.
Ruzycki said it is not illegal to possess or use steroids, but it is illegal to sell them.

"I can't say for sure how he got them. I can tell you that they're available from Mexico, the United States as well as Eastern European countries. They get shipped in here and they're held out for sale," he said.

Dr. Victor Lun, of the Sports Medicine Centre at the University of Calgary, said it's hard to tell how prevalent steroid use is in Calgary since it's not done in the open.
"When one takes an anabolic steroid bought in the black market, you don't know what it's mixed with," said Lun.

Steroid users often suffer psychological effects, such as being quick to lose their temper, and physical effects, such as loss of fertility and liver problems.

"What people need to realize is taking these things is not benign," Lun said. "If you look at most people who do take these things, the effects are generally reversible, if you stop taking the steroids."

Police said that inside the home on Auburn Glen Circle S.E. they found Dianabol, Winstrol, Anadrol, Clenbuterol, Anavar, Provirion, Primobolan, Turnabol, Letrozole, Boldenone, Turnabol, Chorulon, Trenbolone adetate, Testosterone Enanthate, Sustanon, Omnadren, Nandrolone Decanoate, Testosterone Cypionate, Cytomel, Trenbolone Acetate, Boldendone Undecylenate and Testosterone Propionate.

Jordan James Cutts, 36, of Calgary, has been charged with three counts of trafficking anabolic steroids, two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking anabolic steroids and five counts of benefiting from the proceeds of crime.

Police said it's the second steroid bust in Alberta in recent months.

Police in Edmonton charged five people in September with running a steroid production lab in their home. The drugs in that case were worth $250,000, said Edmonton police.


Bigger Than MAYO - VIP
Sep 9, 2010
with 91 k in cash i am sure that "significant" is accurate in this case... I doubt the street value they pin on him is legit though...


Oct 1, 2010
Im sure someone somewhere was more then likely caught with a tab or vial and flipped on dude. The trickle up inditement theory!


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Sep 16, 2010
That sucks, can't believe this garbage, isn't there anything else better these dudes can do??


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Oct 12, 2010
LE got wind of him somehow. Wonder if he will give up his list of buyers in order to get a reduced sentence?