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Best way to do a lat pull-down: bar to your chest, not in your neck



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Feb 14, 2011
You’ll do lat pull-downs most effectively if you pull the bar down to your chest. The ‘old-fashioned’ way, where you pull the bar towards your neck, doesn’t isolate the upper back muscle as well, write Brazilian sports scientists in an article that will appear soon in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. Because a lat pull-down to the neck is risky, the Brazilians argue that it’s clear that the lat pull-down to the chest is a better exercise for training the uppermost back muscles – the latissimi dorsi.

The traditional way of doing the lat pull-down is risky for the shoulder joint. That’s why many instructors prefer the version where you do the lat pull down to your chest. The Brazilians wanted to know whether this version has consequences for the muscles you train. Is the safer version also good for your muscles?

The Brazilians got 24 young men in their mid-twenties to train their upper back muscles in the old-fashioned and in the safe way, and in an additional way that may be new to you: using a V-shaped bar. This exercise – see the photos below – is a kind of middle way between the other two.

The test subjects performed the sets at 80 percent of their 1RM. The researchers attached electrodes to the subjects’ upper back muscles, chest muscles, shoulder muscles and their biceps. The figures below show the amount of effort the test subjects exerted with each of their muscles. V = lat pull-down with V-shaped bar; B = lat pull-down to neck; F = lat pull-down to chest.

All three exercise forms stimulated the latissimi equally, as the graph below shows. The black bars represent the concentric movement, when you pull the weight block upwards. The grey bars represent the eccentric movement, where you lower the weight.

So there’s no difference there. But you do notice a difference if you look at the activation of the biceps. A little less with V, but a lot less with F.

When it comes to the shoulder muscles, the stimulus is a little bit more for B than for F. And the activation of the shoulder muscles using V is even less.

Adding everything up, all versions of the lat pull-down stimulate the latissimi dorsi equally, but the old-fashioned version isolates the muscle group less well. If you want to train the upper back muscle specifically, there’s everything to be said for pulling the bar to your chest and not to your neck. It’s not only safer, but also more effective. And if you don’t like doing lat pull-downs to your chest, the V-bar version is a good option.

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research Oct 2009 23(7) 2033-8.


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Mar 19, 2011
I always pulled it to my chest, makes me feel good not being wrong all these years


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Apr 8, 2011
I do it when possible, although if you're doing a wide grip where the bar curves it might not be possible to actually touch.


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Feb 27, 2011
with a wide grip I'm for some reason incapable of bringing it to my chest. Same thing with chins. I can't pull up that high. I just don't have the ROM.


Mr. Worxx
Aug 25, 2012
with a wide grip I'm for some reason incapable of bringing it to my chest. Same thing with chins. I can't pull up that high. I just don't have the ROM.
I have the same issue and perhaps arms a bit short? I use a narrower grip to do lat pulldowns and the sweet spot for me is at the point where it the bar bends at each end. Perhaps try playing with the grip width to find the best spot that still gives you good benefit for the exercise