Maryse Manios IFBB Pro bodybuilder Profile

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Maryse Manios General Overview
Maryse Manios is a French professional IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) body builder. Born on July 6, 1960, Maryse is among the pioneers in professional female bodybuilding in the world. She was born and raised in Lille, France and still lives there to date. Maryse Manios started out as an aerobics instructor in the 1980s after she had picked up fitness and aerobics around the same time. She later became a fitness instructor then started lifting weights in the early 1990s. She got into her first regional bodybuilding contest in 1994 and won it before picking up numerous accolades through the next years.

Maryse Manios stands at 5’5 (165 cm) and weighs 76 Kilograms (170lbs). She has an impressively powerful and muscled chest of 46 inches (116 cm) and broad shoulders of 54 inches (137) cm. Maryse Manios has firm biceps of around 17 inches (44 cm), an average for most professional female body builders and a waist of around 25 inches (65 cm). She also boasts incredible thighs measuring up to 25 inches (64 cm) and well-toned calves measuring up to around 18 inches (45 cm). The blue eyed body builder has been able to maintain her shape for at least 20 years running.

Maryse Manios
Maryse Manios

Additionally, Maryse Manios lift stats are among the best for professional female body builders. She presses 220 lbs (90 kgs) for six reps in the bench press category and 1000 lbs (453 kgs) in the long press category. Maryse also boasts an impressive 8 reps of 45 lbs (20kgs) on each arm for bicep curls. As far as her weight goes, these are impressive statistics for a female body builder who has been in the game for more than two decades.

Maryse Manios Before Bodybuilding

Professional female bodybuilding is not a topic most parents would want to venture in with their young daughters. For this reason, Maryse Manios have been very vocal about her past and the reasons as to why girls should follow their body building dreams in as a sport, this is despite the fact that men dominate it. Maryse’s pictures dating back to the 70s show an innocent ordinary and beautiful looking girl with very smooth skin and a lovely smile. She retains the smile and the looks, but her transformation is unbelievable attesting that everything is possible.

Maryse Manios picked up aerobics and fitness after the birth of her daughter. This was for the sole purpose of staying in shape and losing the baby weight. She began to enjoy her time at the gym and enrolled in several fitness studios in Lille looking for a job as a fitness instructor. Her pursuit paid off as she trained and guided many people into fitness in several fitness studios before venturing into weight lifting so as to build up a tonic body in the early 90s. Recently, Maryse Manios started working as a full-time secretary by day and still finds time to train during lunch breaks and do aerobics, running and cardio training every evening.

Career and Achievements

Maryse Manios decided to enter a regional bodybuilding contest in France in 1994 as a joke with no intention of winning. Her fate changed on that day as she went on to win the contest. After much consideration, she further entered the National French Championship in the same year, but she did not win any award. She tried again the next year (1995) and became the French Body Building Champion for two years in a row, 1995 and 1996. Maryse Manios won that accolade again in the year 1998.

Maryse Manios also won the IFBB French Champion awards in 1996 and 1997, she went on to win the WABBA French Champion award in 1998. Moreover, she won the WFP French Champion award as well as the European and World Champion award in 2001. Around the same time, 2000 and 2001, Maryse also won several GP awards.

She has competed in several competitions in the past decade such as the IFBB Europa Super Show in 2006 which she finished in second place, the IFBB Jan Tana Women’s Bodybuilding and Figure Contest in 2007 and the IFBB Europa Super Show in the same year finishing 2nd and 6th respectively.

Maryse also participated in the IFBB New York Women’s Pro in 2009 (12th), IFBB Toronto Supershow in 2013 (9th) and most recently the 2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro, which she finished in 15th place.

Personal life and relationships

Maryse enjoys fantasy wrestling, cooking, travelling and meeting people. She is married with one daughter.


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