Christine Envall IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Profile

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Christine Envall General Overview
Christine Envall is an Australian professional bodybuilder and nutritionist who has been in the international and local fitness scene for the last two decades. She was born in Queensland, Australia almost 43 yrs ago on 28th November 1972.

Christine Envall is currently an IFBB ( International Federation of Body Buiding and Fitness ) athlete professional who has been active in it since 2001. She is a three-time world champion and ranked among the best female bodybuilders of all time. Envall, who is popularly known as the ‘most muscular woman in Australia’ owes her stunning physique to a thorough and intensive training regimen. It is also documented that Christine Envall is the only IFBB female bodybuilder from Australia.

Christine Envall
Christine Envall

Apart from being a pro bodybuilder, Christine Envall has been very active in the supplements and nutrition niche. Besides being the Technical Product Manager at International Health Investments, Christine is one of the owners of one of the largest nutrition powerhouses in Australia. International protein, which is jointly owned by her and her husband Troy Bremner is a leading and successful nutritional and supplement manufacturer whose most of the products are geared towards athletes and fitness trainers.

Physically, Christine Envall stands 5″3′ tall and maintains a contest weight of 160lbs. This also means that she competes in the female heavyweight category.

Christine Envall Competitions and Championships History

Of all female bodybuilders, Christine Envall is perhaps the only one with a career that spans more than two decades. Her star-studded journey in bodybuilding dates back in 1991 when she first took part in the NPC-A/IFBB Bendigo City, Bendigo Championships. Her debut participation rewarded her with a 3rd place position.

Between 1991 and 1995, Christine Envall participated in six NABBA Australasian Championships as an amateur bodybuilder. Her elevation to pro status did not happen until after 1995.

Between 1996 and 2001, Christine focused most of her energy in trying out for various NABBA World Championships, held in various parts of the world including Melbourne, Canberra, Spain and New Zealand.

Professional Career

Her entrance to the IFBB league of sportspeople finally came through in 2001 when she competed in the IFBB Jan Tana ClassicLynchburg, Virginia, USA Championships. As she came to realize later, the game was a little tighter in the new league. This meeting saw her placed a distant 6th in that year’s rankings.

Her greatest breakthrough in the IFBB league was in the following year during the 2002 IFBB South West Pro CupArlington, Texas-USA, where she clinched the 3rd best overall title in the female heavyweight category.

Since then, she has taken part in a number of IFBB competitions which have been the highlight of her rich seasoned career.

She participated in the 2015 Omaha Pro IFBB: she was placed in the 3rd position.
She took part in the 2014 Olympia Weekend IFBB: she was placed at a distant 11th position.
She played a role in the 2014 Wing-of -Strengths of IFBB Chicago Pro: She was again placed 3rd.
She competed in the 2014 Omaha-Pro-IFBB: She was placed 3rd once again.
She participated in 2014 Toronto-Pro-and-Supershows-of-IFBB: She managed a distant 6th position.
She took part in the 2013 PBW &Tampa-Pro IFBB: 14th position overall.
She played a part in the 2013 Wings-of-Strength-IFBB Chicago Pro-Am Extravaganza: ranked position 7.
She attended the 2013 Toronto-Pro-Supershows IFBB: Ranked position 11.
She Participated in the 2003 Masters-of-Olympia-And-Jan-Tana-Pro IFBB: Credited as the 5th best body builder.
She competed in the 2003 Night-Of -Champions-IFBB: She was again declared the 7th best bodybuilder.
Started out 2002 Masters-Olympia-and- Jan-Pro IFBB: Placed as world number 8.

Nevertheless, her most recent win was in the 2015 Toronto-Pro-Supershow-IFBB where for the first time in many years she was ranked as world number 1 female body-builder.

The Controversy

Like most bodybuilders, Christine Envall’s career has been marked with it’s fair share of controversy. For example in 1995 during the NPCA/IFBB Australian Nationals, she was awarded her IFBB pro status without being judged. Reason being that her physique didn’t warrant her to compete in the same category as amateur bodybuilders.

Additionally, in the same year during the NPC-A/IFBB Australasian Championships in Sydney she was ranked 3rd, simply because her very lean profile did not set a good example for other women.

Personal life

Despite her very successful and public career, Christine Envall has managed to lead a very private life. Nevertheless, she is married to the co-founder of International Protein Troy Bremner. She was born in a family of three and has one sister Zoe Hauser and a brother Michael Envall.

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