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What happens when you talk shit?



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Dec 13, 2022
I worked for the health department for many years. We have a large makeup testing facility hear. I had to inspect their incinerator 1x a year. I was told they only use rats and some rabbits for testing. It was big enough to walk in like a living room in a house. I asked why so big, it's just rats and a few rabbits. The guy looked at me and said "A...LOT...of them."

I say that to say they all do it. Even the companies that say "no animal testing" do it. They just create an LLC on the side and that company does the testing insulating the parent company so they can get away with "no animal testing sticker: on their product.

It is sick but necessary. It is a paradoxical dilemma which I do not condone being a person who likes critters and such. But is necessary for safety in humans. (But people do not need a new mascara that is waterproof and lasts 48 hours. Where does it end. Such a lack of empathy. Now drugs that can help humanity...

Sorry still have a queasy feeling when I think about that incinerator.
Ya, that sucks. And how is it the Beagle is the most tested now? (We have 5 rescue dogs 2 Beagles). I hunt and see the need. The wife generally looks up companies' history to see. We will not use anyone that lists that they do. Dr. OZ is a huge POS. when it comes to animal testing. But that not new. That's long before a stroke victim was the better choice. I think we should test product on lifers and Pedophiles. Have them sign a release and get special privileges (Not freedom) We have a surplus of useless humans. It's a never-ending supply.

I do like what he did to Twitter. But there's a lot of info he's not releasing. Who was the ones that used all the Pedo tags? Where's all the proof that the owners of Twitter was fucking with one parties' posts. Either side should not be silenced. Agree with the policies or not.

He's letting out just enough to shut people up.


Jan 24, 2023
Elon Musk reminds me of a James Bond movie villain. On the surface he’s improving the world, even does some things to make it a better place. Then there’s the secret underground laboratory where he’s developing some kind of brain modifying amoeba that he can use to control the world and take over.
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