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The trick inside “Export Only”



Aug 11, 2010
The latest trickery many underground labs are trying to pull is to do their best to present themselves as a legitimate pharmaceutical company. These underground labs are setting up as export only paper businesses in order to appear like they are legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers when they are 100% not legitimate.

In order for a company to be a legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturing company, they have to apply for a registration certificate with the country they will be manufacturing the products within. Beyond just the registration certificate, every single product must be applied for and registration granted, that is why every product has a unique registration number issued by the government.

Once the long process of applying for a registration certificate and registration for each and every product is complete and the country grants the license, all details are fully accessible on the country’s Food and Drug Agency (FDA) web site.

Checking the public records on the country’s FDA web site is a great way to verify that the company is in fact real and not an Underground lab masquerading as if they are legitimate company. If there is no registration information listed on the government web site then there is no legitimate pharmaceutical company.

With a paper company these underground labs try to market themselves on the internet as legit pharmaceutical companies yet they do not sell their products in any real world brick and mortar pharmacies. These companies are really just underground company that are trying to pull a fast one on unsuspecting internet customers by presenting a simple business license as a pharmaceutical company license which looks good at first until you realize they are not actually allowed to manufacture the products or sell anything they make. It is just smoke and mirrors for the internet customers who are fooled into thinking the claims about being a legitimate pharmaceutical company are valid.

I am sure some of these companies will try to come up with elaborate explanations on how and why they are not listed on any government web sites or have their products for sale in any pharmacies in the country they operate from.

All you have to do is ask them one simple question, where are their brand name products offered on store shelves? 99.9% of these companies will no be able to offer you any real proof that their products are really on the market beyond the internet stores they control.


Old School Meso Vet
Oct 29, 2010
thats nothing new bro - alot of these companies have been trying this for years - one ven goes as far as to post it's central offices on their site - but the building is actually a government building in that country