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Shooting to get in shape for summer. (again!)



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Nov 24, 2011
Still going with the IF protocol. It has been pretty crazy lately as it seem like fat loss is picking up and skinfolds are really coming down. My legs have almost gotten strange looking with veins in areas I did not even know I had. Kinda weird in some ways. Never realize the large veins we have on our inner legs crotch areas. (no...I didnt take pics of those)

Anyway, I have been altering my eating to a few very large carb nights on 2 larger workout days. Not "clean" by any means, but usually involves a good amount of some lower fat icecream, and or/ bomb pops. (I ate half a box of my kids bomb pops the other night ;) ). Sherbert works good too since it is such low fat and almost all carbs I usually go for 100g min and sometimes double that amount. Really just eat to be gluttonous and enjoy it. Cookies and breakfast cereal are good too. But I have been stealing whatever candy of the kids I can find too :) I polished off the last of my kids sour gummy worms and they were not too happy about that!

It almost seems like cycling in some higher carb and lower carb days is kickstarting even more sub q loss. I am not sure how much further I am going to go, but I can stay here without issue. I usually eat out 2-3 times a week and then informally balance out my cals in my head. I only wish I was not still dealing with back issues so I could train like I want. But having something to focus on has helped.

Still no cardio (although I should).

I am right at 200-203 on any given day. 210 if I bring carbs up for a few days. Be interested to see what I would look like with water drop, but this is just my normal 'cold' look.



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Dec 9, 2010
I think IF is the key
I eat 1-2 big meals
usually just 1 -- and boy I eat---but not much carbs
im also popping a dnp cap with my black coffee then a ton of water till around 1-2ish if I eat

just need some tatts and a little bit smaller legs and you could be my twin!!!

looking jacked brother -- great job