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Maintain nutritional status during weight loss programs



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Aug 11, 2010
There are many different approaches to weight loss, all generally include some form of calorie reduction.

This is a logical approach to reduce calories and increase exercise in an effort to push the body to use stored fat to make up the negative energy balance.

A recent study assessing four separate diet plans which had varying levels of carbs, fat and protein depending on which plan was followed, found that many participants were deficient in 17 essential vitamins and minerals.

When you eat less calories you take in fewer nutrients which is not that desirable for optimal health. Many nutrients are considered "essential" meaning that the bodies myriad processes depend on them to function properly.

Vitamins and minerals are required to keep your metabolic system operating efficiently to help with the pound shedding; unfortunately this aspect is generally overlooked.

There are many useful supplements to aid weight loss, metabolism boosters, fat burners, blood sugar balancers, etc., and these are all enhanced by including a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement.

Food choices are obviously very important, make sure to include vegetables, beans and salad greens, which pack a big nutritional punch.

Any supplement program aimed at weight loss should include chromium picolinate, other forms of chromium are probably useful too, but most studies showing that chromium helps to maintain lean body mass, i.e. muscle, have used the picolinate form.

Fat loss is what everyone on these programs want, not muscle loss; after all it requires a higher metabolic rate to maintain muscle, and up regulating metabolism is key to weight loss.

Diet plans which people intend to follow only until the desired results are obtained, then fall back to their old ways, are not a good idea, better to adapt to a healthier lifestyle gradually, and be able to maintain a desirable weight on an ongoing basis.