Macronutrient Manipulation...HELP

Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by daman1, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. daman1

    daman1 VIP Member

    Jul 25, 2016
    I'm embarrassed to say, at this point in my life I still haven't mastered the best, most accurate ratio for achieving maximum fat loss. I've tried many from ketogenic, 50/25/25, even 40/20/40 (p/c/f). My question is: what are everyone's personal favorite ratios/meal plan for leaning out?
  2. PillarofBalance

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    Feb 27, 2011
    Keeping in mind that except for like sub 8% folks macros aren't as important for fat loss as total calories. So making sure your calories are say 15 to 20% below maintenance (TDEE) if prefer . 8g per pound of bodyweight in protein, .45 in fat and my remaining cals as carbohydrate.

    That ratio doesn't change for gaining or losing for me because as I said it's not that important.

    When I dropped sub 10 last summer and fall I did wind up cutting carbs down but not by any specific number. If I looked flat I ate them. If I was watery I would abstain. I did run into some hypoglycemic episodes though. Nothing dangerous as my sugars were still in range. Just was unpleasant is all.
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  3. daman1

    daman1 VIP Member

    Jul 25, 2016
    What do you use to for calculating total kcal needs? Harris-Benedict?
  4. DungeonDweller

    DungeonDweller VIP Member

    Mar 21, 2017
    Harris-Benedict as a starting point. You learn if that's high or low by seeing how your weight changes.
  5. PillarofBalance

    PillarofBalance Strength Pimp Staff Member

    Feb 27, 2011
    Or katch Mccardle depends on if I have a solid bodyfat measurement. Harris is a good starting point though.
  6. shortz

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    May 6, 2013
    Another, more accurate way of determining what your caloric intake should be is to simply track what you're currently eating every day for a week. This is a more time consuming method, however, what I love about this method is that it smacks the dieter in the face with the reality of what they are currently eating, which is needed in some cases. Many people are fooling themselves by neglecting to track certain things or just guesstimating their entire day without any real accuracy.

    As for macros, the "balanced" starting point is a 40p/40c/20f ratio, however, as PoB mentioned, .8g of protein and .45g of fat is considered to be a little closer to what the individual might actually need. Either way, macro manipulation beyond that can be necessary depending on several variables; drugs, current BF, goal, lifting experience...

    I also offer nutrition consultations for anyone interested. I figure that instead of posting up a book every time someone asks this question, then answering a bunch of follow up questions, I might as well get paid for it.

    The only part I don't agree with PoB, is that maco manipulation beyond those general guidelines not making a difference. Again, it really depends on goals. Macros have the second biggest impact on goals, second only to calories.
  7. prime

    prime TID Board Of Directors

    Dec 31, 2011
    Yeah. I agree on tracking calories and seeing where the weight moves after using one of the calculators to find a starting point.
  8. sityslicker1

    sityslicker1 TID Board Of Directors

    Oct 6, 2010
    Dummy proof. Just eat a serving of lean protein with a side broccoli or cauliflower every single meal, day in day out. Add queso cheese or any cheese in moderation on top the veggies if it helps you enjoy the meal more. Start with 5-6 servings per day and cut out or add in a meal depending on progress or lack of. Also a 8oz beverage of Gatorade, soda (yes high fructose corn syrup, 1 serving isn't going to kill you) or icee post work out will help you feel better and break some monotony with a little treat. Even a beer pwo is nice once in awhile.

    Definitely don't over think it esp with the calculators out there and b.s.. it will drive you mad and become more complicated than it needs to be. This has always work for me.
  9. BackAtIt

    BackAtIt MuscleHead

    Oct 3, 2016

    Pillar, what would be a good base to start with for NOT STORING FAT while gaining lean mass?...Just for clarity of what I'm asking, Im not looking to burn fat, just not store it while gaining lean mass...Hope that makes sense...LOL!!!!

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