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Laymen's Guide to SEO's



Oct 28, 2010
Laymen’s Guide to Sight Enhancement Oil

This article is written by a laymen to other laymen in order to inform them about the truth of SEO’s and it’s benefits for the bodybuilder. This article is not intended to be the last word or authoritative in any way, rather it is the author’s own research combined with personal experience.

History: SEO’s have been around for some time now dating back atleast 10 or so yrs and used by top level bodybuilders to enhance/shape individual muscle. They have been marketed in the past under, “Posing Oil” and sold under names such as Synthol and Pump N Pose. Lately, these have fallen out of favor with the mainstream due to negative publicity they have received from the abuse of such products by bodybuilders such as Greg Valentino and various idiots on youtube.

What SEO’s are not: They are not instant muscle or intended to be injected in large volumes such as the examples above where you simply fill the muscle full of oil.

What SEO’s are: They are MCT (caprylic acid primarily) oil that has prepared for IM injection. MCT oil is safe and actually aids in metabolism (think cutting diet) with a half life of around 10 days. Other oils may be used, but there are additional benefits of using an MCT oil.

How SEO’s work: Primarily SEO’s work by stretching muscle fascia (the sheath that surrounds and shapes muscle fibers) allowing for new growth. Fascia is definatley a limiting factor in muscle growth as any qualified message therapist will tell you. There is also a secondary mechanism by which caprylic acid works within the muscle; it increases AR expression when combined with Testosterone over 200%.

Where to use SEO’s: SEO’s can be of a great benefit when it comes to bringing up lagging body parts or muscles where you may lack genetic gifting. They work they best in muscles with short muscle bellies such as delts, arms, and calves. They can be used on flat muscles such as the pecs or tear drops, but require greater attention when administering.
What to expect from SEO’s: There are no standards here, but depending on training age, muscle size etc…results will vary. My experience has been about ½” to my arms(triceps) in around 6 weeks, which I maintained once discontinued.

How to use SEO’s: There are many different approaches to using SEO’s, but I have tested this one in bi’s tris and currently on my calves. Using a 1” 23g pin (draw with a 18 or 20g) I bisect the muscle. What? Look at someone’s arm from a side view, than figure the middle in both directions. That is sight one, choose a second sight about and inch to an inch ½ higher (towards the shoulder) and that is sight two. The reason we use two sights is because gravity comes into play, so use the same principle in other muscles. We want at least two sights to minimize the trauma of frequent injections. Flat muscles such as the pecs may require up to five while the vastus lateralis would be fine with three. If you plan on doing your lat’s find a good friend to help.

Possible SEO cycle: With the guidance of others I have followed the following cycle with good results. Remember, time trumps volume here. It is better to use for a longer duration (or until desired results are achieved) than to go for a lumpy ball of oil. The following cycle is based on every other day (EOD) and caused little pain, although you will feel a stretching sensation (duh).

1cc EOD X 4 (Times) (although my calves were so tight I did them for 8)
2cc EOD x8
3cc EOD until you reach desired results

Training with SEO’s: You should definitely prioritize the desired muscles when using SEO’s using increased volume or training it first (I do both). You will want to pick a stretching exercise in addition to other work you do, so incline curls for biceps would do nice. Do not exaggerate the stretch, just lower until you feel the muscle begin to tighten. I recommend training the body part directly 2X wk and then 2 sets of 20-30 reps on other training days to fill it with a fresh pump and nutrients.

Final thoughts on SEO’s: Some may discredit SEO’s as cheating which would be true if you simply filled a muscle full of oil, but stretching fascia is a practice used by DC Training followers and those who get deep tissue work. Personally, I am thankful for SEO’s as a competitor who is not genetically gifted as they allow me to build proportion in muscles which I previously thought were hopeless such as my tri’s and calves. Feel free to comment and criticize as that is how we learn and improve.

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