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How To Build Cycles Using EQ



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Oct 21, 2010
How To Build Cycles With Compounds: Using EQ

EQ really has two main uses; one is to add a particular look to the physique and the other is for adding/retaining size. Diet and current physique obviously dictate allot of the look however EQ does have a unique ability to fill out certain areas and give a more rounded/capped look than what many other compounds can do. Generally your shoulders and skin will look different with EQ in the blood and often in time so long as your body composition allows it then you will have a longer term user look.. It is also a key player in bringing the 3D look when used in combination with HGH, tren etc also.

To bring out the best in this EQ it needs to be paired up with the correct compounds and the hormones used in the right ratio to one another.. To much EQ and/or other goodies and the look will go soft, too little and you will not get the look you desire. Yes size, what is being run with what, age and many other factors come into place but generally to get that nice look in the shoulders and else where EQ brings and some slow but steady mass then 600-900mg EW is enough in most cases. Again too much and you run the risk of Sub Q water, especially if running with multiple compounds. When used in this manor, EQ should compliment the stack, not dominate it.. It is best on a lean base (under 10% BF) as too much fat and your just not going to see what it can bring; the leaner the better. You will still need something in there to give extra volume and keep up sexual function, so Test, Androl & Super Drol are ideal as they can be used in a manor that will enhance the look, not destroy it, Nand can be used also but it is not best IMO to use in this manor. You want to use just enough Androl or Superdrol to fill out the muscles without spilling over into the skin and the test you require for function and your overall mass side. Masteron is best used to offset any bloat.. I would expect Superdrol to be in the 20-30mg ED range or Androl around 100mg ED range with test what is best for you. Too much test or either Drol and you will bloat the look, however get it right and it will make the look even better. Using test is important for function and your brain over the longer term. It also helps hold onto mass if your leaning out. If you have to use allot of legit Masteron or suffer with excessive bloating a combination of Aromasin & Masteron works well, skipping a shot of test here and there also helps but it needs practice to know when to skip and when not to... For dosing suggestions please read through my answers to questions in the thread. If you add in HGH it will enhance the look greatly.

EQ when used for mass works well when used in combination with Androl, D.bol, Nand and Test. EQ with Test and one of the others is ideal. Please bare in mind that EQ can give people head aches and other blood pressure related issues, so if you you are prone to this you would be better using Test and Nand, if you can handle the blood pressure issues then use D.bol or Androl. If EQ sets you off by it's self then it best not to be used for bulking purposes as it needs to be used for longer periods for greater benefit, it not worth suffering with headaches and high blood pressure when there are other options for people who suffer with sides from EQ. For growth the dose of 900mg EW upwards is ideal, 600mg EW can be used if you want to use more Drol, D.bol.. Going too high is not required, 900-1200 is plenty, 900 would be ideal, add in your orals 100mg upwards everyday, as much test as you can handle and hold off the sides with just enough Masteron (and Aromasin if sensitive). You can then rotate in/out your orals and add in Nand in place when orals or out and run for 15+ weeks. This will give you plenty of size.. EQ at 600-900mg, starting Androl or D.bol at 100mg ED and taking dose up 50mg each week or two with a test backer is a good way of adding size also, not everyone can handle this route due to BP and other toxic feelings. The main difference in using EQ in a long term bulk and not is the quality of the look you bring after sustained use when you strip back the fat and the water... A guy who been on EQ for many months will look much better than the same man who did not in many cases, however do not be fooled into thinking that mega dosing will make this look happen quicker, EQ needs time, going over 1200mg is excessive for most people, around 900mg will be ideal for most fellas.

Never inject EQ and expect it to make you cap off in a day or two... The capping of the shoulders can come quickly with front loading etc, but the long term maturity look takes time.. Under normal dosing procedure with doses like I said then you should start to see it take effect from 10-14 days and really start to kick in around 3-5 weeks, from this point it will be more gradual.
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