GW-501516 Info on why you want it

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  1. BLTC

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    Dec 23, 2010
    i've run half a bottle of caps from "enhanced athlete". Im doing it to raise my HDL which is horribly low due to the all the orals ive been running for so many years. As of now here's what I noticed.

    - decrease in bench press stregnth, everything else seems to be ok
    - decrease in energy
    - no increase in cardio performance
    - decrease in BF by 2-3% in 1 month while running a sloppier than normal diet, i was surprised by this

    I plan to go back for more blood work after this bottle is done. I've read some guys have tripled their HDL. If I can do that I'll be stocking up on this shit and running it for life.
  2. jhotsauce7

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    Jan 18, 2011
    I wonder if what you're taking is properly labeled. My knowledge of GW is somewhat skewed as my rats took this with LGD and test, but they had extra energy out the ass to do tons of extra sets, and take less recovery time between said sets... This was after 4 days at 10mg
  3. BLTC

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    Dec 23, 2010

    Not sure..I can only assume it its what I think it is. On a side note the weather where I'm at got very hot the same time I started taking it and heat saps my energy big time. Coincidence? Maybe. Either way I noticed a pretty significant fat loss especially for doing very little cardio and not starving myself. I just hope it does what it's supposed to do with my HDL. I'm planning more labs in a couple weeks and will post results.

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