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Sep 17, 2010
A little bg info to start off

25 yo, working out for 3
240 lbs
from US

I initially got into the weight training from being very overweight at 310 and then dropped to 185 in 6 months. I think a lot of people just see me as "that guy who dropped a ton of weight" but I don't think about it much. It was a fun journey but I'm a lot more that just that kind of person. Stayed at 185 for a while, and then started lifting weights to "bulk up." Did pretty much everything wrong except for trying gear [fear of needles is too great] and am still learning.

Just came off of 3 months of Keto. Started at 240, left at 240. A revelation occurred to me as I got off the diet which I'll share later. In a bit of a rush atm, just trying to get a few things covered right now.

Right now I'm lowering my carbs to 100 a day, minimizing fat and having high protein at 360 g a day spread between 7 meals. I have carbs at breakfast, pre and post workout otherwise my meals are whey, chicken or sliced meats.

Main goal is to slowly lean down till I am satisfied, not a number in mind, more of a look. I make new weight in the gym every now and then, just benched 225 last chest time and overhead pressed w/ 50's for a shoulder press and that's new weight for me too. I used to squat but it was too much of an ego trip so I stopped that and besides my legs look fine and I'm pretty sure I would need to squat 300+ lbs to get them any bigger. I'm not into competition, I just want to look strong and muscular. I get a lot of hate on other forums for not squatting or deading but it's not for everyone. They have their place for some people but you don't have to do xyz. That's too simplistic of thinking for me and it makes me mad so I don't like to get into arguments where it's all or nothing kinds of things.

I will post my workout split later but I have one.

I am also in active physical therapy for my back I screwed up nearly 5 years ago. Only now am I getting relief with core/specific back exercises.

Will post more later. :p


Sep 17, 2010
Today is monday so that means Chest + bis + cardio. I've been having some shin splint pain so maybe less jogging and I'll trade it in for some machine cardio at the gym.

mah split

monday - chest + bis + cardio
tues - shoulders + tris + cardio
wed - off
thurs - chest + bis + cardio
fri - shoulders - tris + cardio
sat - off
sun - off

but on every day but Sat I have
core + back PT work


oooh tay!

7 meals
360 g protein
100 g carbs
minimal fat, don't even need to count it


vit c
vit d3
green tea extract [I drink tea too, I love the stuff]

planned diet and workout schedule for today

1130 am [lucky me I have afternoon college classes. oh yeah I'm a senior and have double minors I'm working on. doing minor classes mostly atm.]
50 g protein whey
2 slices bread 24 g carb
morning pill load [msn, joint supps, green tea]

1200, 2 cups of tea

36 g protein tuna
14 g whey protein
second pill load [everything else lol]

200, 2 cups of tea

50 g protein sliced turkey
24 g carbs plus romane hearts and spinach [very tall sandwich haha]

600, preworkout
50 g protein whey
2 slices bread 24 g carb

630, 2 cups of tea, leave immediately thereafter

800, postworkout
50 g protein whey
25 g oats [mix whey and oats together in my blender immediately after workout]

25 g protein sliced turkey
25 g protein chicken

1130, if I'm feeling it, a cup of tea

1200, bed
50 g protein whey
msm, other joint supps

preworkout is my best meal. i'm craving carbs so I get carbs and then i go workout and destroy that shit! lol

Diet doesn't change any Mon-Friday. Sat is the carb up and Sun is Steak day as I explain below.


Now I want to say I don't workout my legs [I used to a lot, even twice a week for about a year] because I don't need them big for any reason and they're pretty good sized now. I'd post pics but I need to lean down some. I carry most of my fat in my legs and stomach. my arms are pretty much just veins and muscle.

I've squatted and leg pressed and calf-raised, single leg ham curls, etc but for what? I got all tired out and never gained any size and I'm not bitter. I have no interest in working my legs anymore. Besides I'm too vain, all I care about is my core and upper body. Maybe if in the future I start to lose size in them I'll squat and leg ext some more but I don't see it happening in the next year or so. I think from being 310 lbs those years back put on a lot of muscle on my legs just walking around supporting that weight.

I don't dead or do other back exercises because my Dr. Pt has advised against it. Initially I thought I had "injured" myself in the gym when I was at 40 lb dumbbell rows and then in the space of a month jacked up to 80 with good form and then I kept on the shit and it went up to 120 for 2 reps [anymore and my form would've sucked]. But he told me that it was probably a muscular imbalance and my larger muscles were fine but my smaller ones [specifically my lower traps in the upper-middle of my back] were quite undeveloped and this causes me pain throughout the day, walking around, supporting my own bodyweight mostly. I'm doing only exercises he wants me to do, and those I can do at the same time with the Core stuff.

Right now I saw him last Tuesday and we touched base and he gave me 3 new core exercises to do. A modified hip bridge and 2 Swiss ball exercises. I have a Swiss ball in my dorm room at college so I can do both my core and back PT stuff work in one crack. Like I said I do the core + back PT stuff everyday but Sat and I do the work in the evening after my workout and post meal. It's right when I get back from the gym, rest about 1/2 and hour and then do the little workout. It takes maybe 15 minutes at most.


body specific exercises

monday - chest + bis + cardio
dumbbell bench press flat, warm up then work sets
flat barbell bench press, warm up then work sets
single arm dumbbell preacher curls
concentration curls

tues - shoulders + tris + cardio
overhead military dumbbell press
dumbbell front and side laterals
ez bar cable pressdowns
1-arm dumbbell overhead extensions

wed - off
concentrate on protein intake. might vary it up with some steak, other protein sources. try to stay away from so much whey protein plus I get sick of it.

thurs - chest + bis + cardio
Same as monday

fri - shoulders - tris + cardio
Same as tuesday

sat - off
Carb up a little more if I am craving. main thing is to stay away from sweets. Up to 200 carbs. That's +100 my regular. Also ofc concentrate on protein intake. might vary it up with some steak, other protein sources. try to stay away from so much whey protein plus I get sick of it.

sun - off
Mostly an "eat steak" day to get my protein in. I pick the leanest cuts and make it on Fri when I go home to see the family on Friday. I make food then, do laundry and then usually run back here Fri night late or past midnight and drive home in the dark. Sat I carb up some with oats, sandwiches and veggies and then steak out most of sunday till I get sick of it.


err should I put this, maybe why not

current Personal Bests [I call them NPBs when I make new weight in the gym]

dumbbell flat bench_ 70's
dumbbell incline bench_ 60's
barbell flat bench_ 225 lbs [made this last Thursday]
barbell decline bench_ 205 lbs
dumbbell overhead mil press_ 50's [made this last Friday]
barbell overhead mil press_ 270 lbs
dumbbell side laterals_ 20's
dumbbell front raises_ 25's
tricep rope pushdowns_ varies gym to gym but about 150 lbs
tricep ez bar pushdowns_ varies gym to gym but about 110 lbs
1-arm tricep cable pushdowns_ 40 lbs
1-arm dumbbell preacher curls_ 60 lbs [left arm's tri and bi are significantly stronger]
concentration curls_ 35 lbs


So there you go. I found out this morning my first and only class today was canceled so now I have more fun time today b4 the workout.


Sep 17, 2010
errr my last couple of posts didn't somehow make it here. Strange. No workout on Wedn today so I'll wait till Thurs and then post my workout when it's over.