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9 Tips for Melanotan 2 Success



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Aug 11, 2010
Things you should know:

Dose escalation. With Melanotan 2, a good starting point is .25 mg. The goal is to find the smallest effective dose possible while limiting side-effects. Everyone is different, not all suppliers are created equal.

Anti-histamines. Anti-histamine use can help reduce post injection nausea from MT-2. The anti-histamine reduces the probability of the body reacting that way to the introduction of the foreign compound. Claritin (Loratadine),Zyrtec (Cetirizine),Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) are appropriate.

Cover your eyes and face. Fair skinned MT-2 users particularly. As limited UV exposure is essential for a natural looking tan, experiment with your body first. Try and avoid exposing your face until your 2nd or 3rd Melanotan cycle. Many out there overexpose themselves leaving their faces looking extra dark. Purple lips, wrinkles and freckles are just some of the lovely characteristics misuse can bring. Your face is sensitive, protect it. Achieving a balanced tan is what most of us are after.

Ignore dosing charts.
Rely on a common sense approach of dose escalation and experimentation. Charts which float around the net often have not kept up with the collective and advocate dangerously high dosages.

Read current guides. Find the best information from many sources. Misinformation, trends, fades, and propaganda run rampant in the marketplace. Successful how to guides often share many similar principles which are extremely helpful to pay attention to.

Rely on referrals. A seller who has stood the test of time and has referrals is likely looking out for you. A seller or area touting concerns about fillers, standards or origins often are misguided.

Log & support user logs. Creating or simply participating in user logs offers insight into the thought process of the MT-2 user. The market relies on the collective knowledge. Rare there are detailed instructions applicable to you and your specific objectives. Ask questions. You will be surprised how many tricks of the trade rise to the surface.

Weight-loss. Clinical data is on the rise. For now, many users believe MT-2 has fat loss/appetite suppression possibilities. Maximize fat loss when you use MT-2 on days or during time periods when you are fasting or in a caloric deficit.

Travel sized Peptides. Although reconstituted MT-2 lasts for months when refrigerated, peptides are perishable items and require a certain level of care. 10mg MT-2 has been the industry standard size. With the dosage charts on the decrease, dose escalation on the increase, 5mg MT-2 offers further efficacy. Rather take a 10mg or 5mg MT-2 on a 4 day vacation? What about a 2mg PT-141 for the weekend? These are some options to take note of. From experience I can tell you there is not much exciting about bringing a 10mg vial on a trip only to pitch 5-8mg of the product in the trash before the flight home.