Dana Linn Bailey IFBB Physique Pro and Ms. Olympia

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Dana Linn Bailey General Overview
Dana Linn Bailey is American pro bodybuilder, fitness athlete and business personality. Born on 30th May 1983, Dana is one of the youngest women professional bodybuilders today, at only 32 years. She has attributed her success to a fiery determined spirit that has seen her rise through the ranks to becoming one of few professionals in the top echelons of athletics.

Dana Linn Bailey is best known for being the first female athlete to become a professional physique competitor at the NPC ( National Physique Committee ) and IFBB ( International Federation of Body Building ) level.

In addition, Dana Linn Bailey carved better a niche for herself in 2013 by winning the opening Ms. Olympia in the Physique Division.

Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey

Physically, Dana Linn Bailey who also goes by the acronym DLB is 5ft 4 Inches tall and maintains a contest weight of 130lbs. The 2nd best professional bodybuilder in the world (2015) competes in the physique category and lives in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.

Dana Linn Bailey Childhood and Early Life Background

Dana Linn Bailey arguably had the most active childhood of al professional female bodybuilders today. Her parent always made sure that she participated in numerous childhood games at school. She recalls that at a tender age of 5, she had already joined the swim team. Apart from soccer, Dana Linn Bailey also played hockey, volleyball and basketball in her junior high years.

It was soccer though, which she had the most passion for. At the age of 15 she was recruited by the West Chester University soccer team to play as their starting defender in the NCCA’s and playoffs.

She later joined the same university for her bachelor’s degree in 2002 and remained active in the soccer team.

Bodybuilding Career and Championships

It was not until Dana Linn Bailey graduated that she developed an interest in bodybuilding. She confesses that it was her then boyfriend Rob Bailey who introduced her to working out and soon she discovered that she had a naturally gifted around the weights. After training for six months, Dana Linn Bailey attended her first-ever competition in the 2006 Lehigh Valley Championships in the Women’s Figure class.

By then, IFBB didn’t have a physique class, so she had to compete in the figure division, something which contributed to her poor performance between 2006-2010. Being a muscular athlete, the figure category advocated for a lean and less toned profile, thus she ended up waddling in the lower ranks.

The Breakthrough

Her breakthrough came in 2010 when IFBB introduced the women’s physique class and she quickly jumped ship. Her first competition as an amateur athlete in the physique class was in the 2011 Juniors USA’s championship in Charleston, SC. She made history by not only winning in her class, but also winning the overall Women’s title. A feat which saw her awarded a pro card. The pro card registered her as the first IFBB Women’s Physique professional in the history of bodybuilding, a feat which is likely to be remembered many years to come.

Dana Linn Bailey’s star continued shining in the 2013 Tampa Pro competitions, where she was again placed first in her class. The win also made her eligible to participate in the 2013 Ms. Olympia competitions.

The Olympia league is known for it’s cut-throat competition and features some of the world’s finest. This was the situation in Sidney, Australia when Dana Linn Bailey took the stage with 16 other world class professional bodybuilders. Nevertheless, Dana proved her worth by clinching the most coveted title in the bodybuilding world. She again made history by being the first-ever Ms Olympia Physique.

After making a name for herself in the IFBB ranks, Dana Linn Bailey had to battle it out with Juliana Malacarne in 2014 again for the Ms. Olympia title. In a spectacular showdown, DLB lost narrowly but was still listed as the 2nd best athlete in her class.

Personal life, Relationships & Business

Dana Linn Bailey is married to Rob Bailey and together they own a gym clothing line- Flag Nor Fail. The Baileys also own a 10000sq foot gym-the WarHouse, where they host annual gym camps. These events are usually attended by IFBB big wigs and are sponsored by over 25 different companies.

When not bodybuilding, Dana Linn Bailey concentrates on marketing her brand, Flag nor Fail. It often involves making state-tours, meeting with upcoming female athletes and holding mentorship programs.

Dana Linn Bailey
Dana Linn Bailey Ms. olympia


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