Juliana Malacarne IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Profile

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Juliana Malacarne overview
Juliana Malacarne is a professional bodybuilder and fitness athlete born some 41 years ago on May 8, 1974, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She holds an American and Brazilian duo-citizenship, and has time and again been considered as Brazil’s most successful bodybuilder of all time.

Juliana is currently one of the reigning world champions who participated in the recently concluded 2015’s IFBB-Arnold-Sports-Festival. Having being in the bodybuilding arena since 2001, Juliana Malacarne has enjoyed a long and rich fitness career that has seen her name written beside other top-tier world-class athletes.

Juliana Malacarne
Juliana Malacarne

Physically, Juliana Malacarne stands about 5″2′ tall and maintains a contest weight of approximately 124lbs. She has a bicep/chest size of 38 inches, her waist measures 28′ and her hips 38′. Further, her weight puts her in the women’s figure category, where she has done an exemplary job in carving out a name for herself.

Besides being a pro bodybuilder, Juliana is also a model, fashion enthusiast, mentor and a personal trainer to a good number of upcoming athletes. She has been active in offering nutritional expert advice as a guest blogger to numerous fitness magazines.

Juliana Malacarne Childhood and Early life background

Juliana Malacarne was born to a family of three children and has two brothers; Bruno Mauricio Malacarne and Caesar Augusto Malacarne.

Juliana first interest in bodybuilding and athletics dates back to when she was a schoolgirl, growing up in Americana, Sao Paulo. She recalls that she was then intrigued by Hollywood blockbuster movies that featured muscular actors such as the legendary Arnold Schwarzneegar. But it was not until she watched one of Monica Brant movies that she realized that women too could have such a similar muscular physique.

Nonetheless, she didn’t consider a career in bodybuilding until in 1999. In one of her interviews, she recalls that the inspiration to join the fitness industry came from a friend who spotted the potential in her after seeing her train at a local gym. This friend, who Juliana Malacarne has since been reluctant to reveal his identity, then let her borrow a few gym instructional tapes geared towards amateur bodybuilding.

She picked up the cue from there and started a mild fitness training program. Nevertheless, she dropped out of the competition scene in 2002 to concentrate on getting a college degree.

Competition and Championship history

After completing her major in 2006, Juliana Malacarne once again began actively training in preparation of what was to become an impressive career. During her time in Brazil, even before she ever stepped onto any fitness stage, she knew that she wanted to compete in the women’s fitness and figure categories. Thus, all her pre- championship’s training was more focused in improving her muscle quality and not as much as in quantity.

Her debut competition was in the 2005 IFBB Amateur BodyFitness Championships held in Sao Paulo Brazil. Being her first ever national competition, Juliana was keen to impress the judges. As a consequence of grueling months of pre-training, she ended up lifting the overall title in the fitness category.

Her debut championships also earned her a pro card. But as she was soon to realize, the pro level was more daunting than it even had seemed. For starters, the IFBB pro level by then didn’t have a fitness women’s class. She had to squeeze herself in a less flexible figure category, as the heavyweight class was then again too far from her reach. This kind of readjustment threw her off balance as it implied that she had to adopt a new training profile and physique.

Another problem was that Sao Paulo was growing smaller for her by day, as she felt under-exposed and less challenged. The craving for the more competitive world stage saw her save for a year and accumulate around $3000 in cash. Then armed with her precious savings, a pro card and dream to be the world’s best, she moved to the US in 2007. By then Juliana Malacarne had already started making ripples in the IFBB arena by making some appearances in various championships.

Juliana Malacarne Emerges as a force In Bodybuilding

In the years between 2006 and 2012, Malacarne endured what was later to be documented as a ‘back-to-back failure to break into the top 5 best athletes in the world’. This as shown by the following record.

She participated in the 2010-IFBB-NewYork- Pro, she was placed at nearly last at the 16th position.

Juliana took part in the 2009-IFBB-NewYork-Pro, placed 10th best in the figure category

She made an appearance in the 2009-IFBB-Arnold-Classic and was placed at a distant 13th position.

In 2008, she lined up in the IFBB-Atlantic-City Pro only to placed 13th in the hotly contested championship.

Again in 2008 she took part in that year’s IFBB Atlantic City Pro but this time was declared 6th best in the women figure class.

In 2008, she was invited to the IFBB-NewYork-Pro but given the 13th best place.

In 2008 during the IFBB-Arnold-Classic-Bodybuilding, she competed as a fitness and figure athlete but was placed 12th.

2007 saw her attend the IFBB Pro/Am-Classic-Bodybuilding in Denver, Colorado, but she remained at the 12th best position, in the fitness category.

Similarly in 2007, she took part in then IFBB-California-Pro-Championships and failed by a margin to enter the top ten bracket at the 11th position.

One of her earliest competitions to attend in the US was the 2007-IFBB-Pittsburgh-Pro, but she wasn’t even placed.

However, despite her losing streak, Juliana Malacarne didn’t bow out of the game. Her ambition fueled spirit was what kept her learning the ropes while most of her training colleagues dropped out. The endurance came to bore fruits in 2012 when she attended the New York Pro. She recorded her first-ever win by also been the first bodybuilder from New York to win the New York pro.

Unlike other bodybuilders, being number one didn’t come overnight to her. She had tirelessly toiled over the years to claim her prize and so she wasn’t about to let it go easily. It led to her maintaining this top position for over the next two before being toppled in late 2014. But then again she was quick to bounce back to her usual spot.

Juliana Malacarne greatest triumph was in 25th September 2014 when she was announced the winner of Miss Physique Olympia. This was a title which she had to beat the then runners-up, Ms. DLB by a very narrow margin in an otherwise hotly contested battle of muscles.

Personal life

Juliana Malacarne currently resides in Long Island New York USA and is still unmarried.


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